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Hope Floats

It’s amazing how much we all rely on hope. We hope for so many things in life. We hope for good weather when we go vacations. We hope that we get that job that we interviewed for. We hope for finding true love. All this hoping that we do, is for things that we can’t …

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The Mission

I believe that everyone is born into this world with their mission. Our missions very in so many ways. There are people that are brought into this world to give art, to teach, to give peace, to give love, to help in the medical field or to be a financial tycoon. The mission list is …

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Better Days

It’s been two months to the day since I last wrote. I’d like to tell you all that over those past two months that I’ve been in a deep, committed relationship and each day has gotten better as we get to know each other. However, it’s been the opposite of that. No dating, no dates …

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“Merecer” what does it mean? In Portuguese the translation means…DESERVE. Ever since my last entry (which was all the way back at the end of July). A lot has happened. Some good. Some bad. I guess you can say, it’s called LIFE. In my last entry, I wrote about my grandmother passing. I really haven’t …

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True Colors

It was a typical Monday last week at work. I was slammed with meetings and like I normally do, I left my phone at my desk rather than taking it with me into conference rooms. It’s a pet peeve of mine when I’m in a meeting with other coworkers and they are on their phones …

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