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Change of Luck

I’m not one to believe in luck. I believe in hard work, determination, ambition and perseverance in order to make things happen in your life. However, we all know people whether they are our friends or coworkers that things for them seem to come a little easier. We can be envious of those people at times, but I always think that those that don’t work hard for what they want never truly appreciate the things they have when it’s simply handed to them. It got me thinking that when it comes to anything aspect in our lives whether it’s work or even love…when does our luck change?

Last week, I wrote about my discovery with reality and how when faced with it; has the potential to break your heart. Also, with that lesson, it can help us move forward. Which is exactly what it did for me. I don’t regret any of the choices I made with going to Fire Island because it helped me move from the fantasy of someone to the reality.

As soon as I wrote last week’s entry, I had to hit the ground running with my next obstacle. That obstacle being the need to find a new roommate for my apartment. My current roommate, whom I rather enjoyed living with, was diagnosed with being bipolar and decided to move back home in order to be closer with his family. While it will be sad to see him go; it’s all for the better.

Last Tuesday, after work I had three potential roommates to interview. Out of those three, only one I felt was suitable to live with. A woman in her forties, that would be working near my apartment and the crazy part is that she is currently living in Florida and wanted to do Facetime (which I’ve never done before) to see the apartment. We ended up talking for a half hour and by the end of the call she expressed her interest in the room and living with me. The only catch is that she’s not set to move to New York until September and I need someone for August plus I was hesitant to give her the room without her actually seeing the apartment along with me meeting her.

The next morning, I told her my concerns and two hours later I got an email from her saying she asked her company to fly her up to New York for the weekend in order to finalize her living situation and she was coming to meet me on Saturday! Part of me really wanted this roommate situation to work out only because her name is Cher. I was excited for this potential new roommate situation but with my “luck” I wasn’t about to put any eggs into any basked just yet. I would have to wait till we met before anything would be solidified.
Which leads me to last Thursday. I had been chatting with this new guy for about three weeks and about two weeks ago he asked me out. This date was on my calendar for two weeks and I was reluctant at first to go. Mainly because this date had only moved to the city since last November and I feel like he still needed to do so much before fully committing to the city. However, he looked good on paper. He works as a nurse, in his mid-forties, was in the Navy, has dogs and lives in Soho. All in all, he came across as someone that was very mature and had his act together.

We met at eight-o-clock at this new wine bar in my area called, Bar Veloce, in Hell’s Kitchen. He was waiting for me outside the wine bar and instead of shaking my hand, he gave me a hug. He warned me before the date that he might be on the shy side and I told him that I’m not that shy and I’d do my best to calm him.

As “luck” would have it, I was instantly attracted to him and he was taller in person (6’4) and had manners. He told me he can’t drink a lot of wine because it gets him drunk very fast. So, he ordered himself a pinot grigio and I got a glass of rose. We sat down, had one glass each and talked for over two hours.

He told me how excited he is about living in the city and that there’s so much that he wants to see and do. He was expressing interest in all of these tourist things and I kept telling him how I never been to the top of the Empire State Building or even seen the famous Christmas show at Radio City. By the end of the date, he asked me what my Sunday looked like and when I told him that I was free; he asked to take me to Central Park, so we could row the boats at the Boathouse (another thing I’ve never done before) and I said yes.

By the time Saturday rolled around, I was rather excited to meet Cher. She showed up to my apartment right on time and we sat down in my living room and talked for about an hour before I showed her around the area. We walked down Ninth Avenue before stopping in for a glass of prosecco. One glass turned into two and for the next hour we laughed and talked about our lives. Before she left, she wanted the apartment and gave me money and I gave her keys. I was so thrilled and relieved that the roommate situation was settled.

I didn’t have much time after she left before I had to get ready to meet my friend in Brooklyn at his apartment. He was cooking a homemade Indian dish and afterwards we would go out. It had been a couple of weeks since I saw my friend so it was nice to catch him up in all that was going on. After the delicious meal, we went to a few East Village bars and I was home by two a.m.

Yesterday, I slept in, had some coffee and my date was already texting how excited he was to teach me how to row a boat. I must admit that I was impressed that a date was even confirming that the date was still happening. The plan was to meet for brunch followed by Central Park and I wasn’t sure if the date was going to end after that or not.

My date was punctual and I impressed myself by showing up on time. We hugged and walked down Ninth Avenue and popped into a Mexican restaurant for a small bite to eat. During the meal, he noticed my Wonder Woman tattoo and that’s when he really geeked out on me. Turns out, he’s an even bigger fan than I am. We split the meal and began our journey to the park.

This guy was a lot of “firsts’ for me. I’ve never been on a date with someone from Texas (southern accent included), never been on a date with someone with red hair and never been on a date with someone that paid attention to everything I had shared with on the previous date and retained it all.

We got to the Boathouse in the park and he insisted on paying for the boat since he asked me to go on this adventure with him. I said that I wanted to try and row the boat first. He laughed and said, “A city guy trying to row a boat? This outta be good.” With his southern accent, it was funny hearing him say these things. He knew everything that was needed to know about rowing a boat. I got in the wrong way and had to start over before we even left the dock. Finally, we were off and rowing.

I was a disaster. I kept going the wrong way, I hit three other boats and couldn’t grasp the directions of how to properly row a boat and was getting frustrated. I was rowing for about a half hour and finally gave up. We quickly switched seats and he just laughed and once he started rowing that is when we moved so quickly and with ease. I was having such a nice time, I couldn’t stop smiling.

After the boat ride, it was rather humid and he said he wanted to go somewhere to cool off. I took him to my local bar, Rise, for his first ever, frozen cosmopolitan. Over our first drink we both admitted to each other that we were having a wonderful time. I even allowed him to take a selfie of us (which I hate doing). After our first round of drinks, I asked if he wanted another one and he said yes. When I got to the bar, some random patron motioned me to come over and he said, “May I buy you a drink?” I told him that I was with someone and that it wasn’t necessary. The man insisted, and not only did he buy me a drink but also bought my date one. My date said, “I should bring you whenever I go out if you get people buying you drinks.”

One round of drinks led to three and before I knew it, I was feeling rather tipsy. We left the bar and walked to yet another Mexican restaurant where we shared a plate of nachos and tons of water. After our snack, he asked to see me again this week and I agree to let him have my only free night this week for our next date.

When I got home, I showered the boat ride off me and when I looked at my phone there was a text message from him with just an image of a heart. I couldn’t help but think that maybe my luck was changing. In the time span of forty-eight hours, I got a new roommate and had not one but two successful dates with the same person and was booked already for date number three.

Maybe luck does factor into the changes in our lives or maybe just maybe…after tons of hard work and determination that life will throw you some good fortune. Best of “luck” to you all!

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