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Enough is Never Enough

When it comes to our goals, careers and relationships there comes a point in time when things just don’t seem to ever go our way. We contemplate with the idea of “giving up” and accepting our losses and moving on. However, when we are passionate about something in our lives, the question remains…When is enough…enough?

Like so many, the start of last week had everyone glued to all forms of media. Everywhere you looked, our world had one thing on their minds and that was who we were going to elect to be our next President of the United States. It was all anyone could talk about, think about and be concerned about. And by Tuesday evening, we all were aware of the outcome.

Wednesday morning, I woke up with the feeling of mourning. It was a feeling that I’m not too familiar with and therefore was left with the uncertainty of how to go about my day. I did my best to keep my feelings and opinions to myself because there were so many people out there already expressing themselves. I was in contact with my parents separately and in my household my parents were divided on how they felt about our next President.

When I got home that evening, my dad called me and was rather angry with me. He felt that I had put ideas into my mother’s head and it was causing a great deal of friction between the two of them. An hour later on the phone with him, I convinced him that she is entitled to her opinion just as he with his opinions and that there simply is not a great deal left for either one of them to do. Enough was enough and that they loved each other and they should focus on that rather than their political beliefs.

That evening, after the phone call with my dad, I tried to curl up with a book. However, not only could I not shake the phone call with my dad, the noise outside my apartment kept me from calming down. I only live a few avenues away from the Trump building on Fifth Avenue. I could hear helicopters flying above my apartment building and the chants from the protestors on the street. It became very clear that the world certainly hadn’t had enough with its current state of affairs. They were mad, disappointed, shocked and scared.

On Thursday, I woke up and before I even started my day I had to make sure that my parents were going to be alright. I sent them a rather lengthy email pointing out their reasons that they are even together, their evolution as a couple and what their future can hold. Thankfully, the email was well received by both of my parents and I hope it only brought them closer and not further apart.

Later on that day, Mr. D. and I were messaging about something also rather important. After two and a half years of knowing exactly what he needed, I had finally convinced him to go see a therapist. The past two weeks, he had opened up and shared certain things that were even out of my jurisdiction and I didn’t feel comfortable with giving him my opinions because it needs to come from a professional. Knowing that he’d never take the time to do the research on his own to find a therapist that fits his needs; I took it upon myself to offer him my therapist.

I spoke with my therapist and the professional woman that she is; she told me that she cannot reveal to me what he says in his sessions and vice versa. I explained to her that the reason he is going is not to benefit me but rather to lead someone who is lost to hopefully find peace.

Toward the end of the work day, Mr. D. asked me if I can take him to my therapist since he has no idea where it is or what she even looks like. Naturally, I agreed to only take him to introduce each other and I would leave and no wait till his session was over with. As we stood outside the office he said, “I feel like I’m being dropped off at school.” To which I said, “You act like a kid sometimes, so I can understand why you feel this way.” He smiled and said, “Ok. Let’s go.” We got inside the building and he said that the building looked very familiar to him because years ago, he came here for couple’s therapy. I just smiled and said, “Look how well that turned out. Now you are back in this building and it’s certainly a different scenario.” I introduced Mr. D. to my therapist, wished them both good luck and went home.

An hour or so later, I got a text message from Mr. D. telling me that he made a real connection with her and that he is going to go back. A few more hours later, my therapist sent me a text message and thanked me for the referral. I felt like I did my good deed for the week because I brought two people together that can hopefully better a persons’ life.

On Friday, everyone in the office was exhausted and I knew it was all because of the election and everyone still feeling a sense of confusion. I also knew that it was the day that Mr. D. would be telling me whether or not he was going to make the move to our Boston office. At the end of the day, he informed me that both agencies were giving him the run-around and that his heart is leaning toward staying in New York. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because I know that the mass opinion from everyone is to move on already. Enough was enough. I told him that as long as he is behind his decision than it’s the right one.

That evening, I met up with former coworkers to celebrate their new apartment in Little Italy. I lost total track of time and when I did realize what time it was, the clock read, 1:45 a.m. I excused myself, left everyone still in full swing and got myself home because I was completely exhausted.

I was looking forward to Saturday evening because several friends of mine and I were going bowling. We all decided that after the week we all had that a game of bowling and competition was what we needed. We met at Port Authority and only managed to play one game because they were booked for the rest of the night with other bowlers. Afterwards, we tried Lucky Strike only to realize that they had a long wait for a lane for us to bowl. After accepting that bowling wasn’t in the cards, we went to the bar, Rise, where we met up with more friends. I could only stay for a few more drinks and needed to call it an early night because I had plans the next day to spend time with my friend and her baby.

Yesterday, I woke up with the feeling of excitement. I ran some errands before jumping on the subway to the Park Slope area in Brooklyn. I met up with my girlfriend and her baby son who is a year and a half. We had brunch and caught up with each other. It was literally the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. After the visit and giving my friend some much needed “mommy relief” I went back to the city and took a much needed catnap. When I woke up, I refreshed myself and jumped back on the subway to head to Brooklyn but instead of going back to Park Slope, I would be going to Williamsburg. I was seeing Mr. D. again that evening.

I brought over a bunch of romantic comedy DVD’s, candy and he was providing the popcorn and drinks. Before we got to the movie, he explained to me all that happened with the therapist visit and with how he was feeling about his Boston situation. After our update, we decided to watch the movie, Friends with Benefits, and had such a good time. When I looked at the clock on his DVR, it said that it was a little past 11 p.m. I grabbed my coat and put my shoes on because I knew this week was going to be rather busy with work and it was getting late. Like he always does, he also put his shoes and coat on and walked me to the subway. We laughed the entire way to the subway and when I got home he sent me a message saying he had a delightful time as always.

As our country is about to go through some rather dramatic changes and people continue to fight for their beliefs, it made me think of this amazing line from another romantic comedy starring my favorite actress, Julia Roberts, in the movie, The Mexican. She is asked the question about her relationship with Brad Pitt on when enough is enough. I leave you with what is said…

Samantha: I have to ask you a question. It’s a good one so think about it. If two people love each other, but they just can’t seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?

Jerry: Never.

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