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Possibly Maybe

They say in life that there are no guarantees and that nothing lasts forever. Yet, in this life there is also an endless amount of possibilities to which we are to try and do our best to achieve. So, there you have it, an even paradox split. We have one side telling us that nothing is promised in this life and at the same time we are to live our lives to the fullest. Possibly maybe we are just living our lives the way the universe is telling us. How we know this? We don’t.  The best we can do is smile and see where the wind takes us next…

Two weekends ago I spent it at Feather’s country house and while it was relaxing, it was hard for me to focus on not spilling the beans on his surprise 50th birthday that we were having for him on Tuesday. We did everything that weekend to keep busy in order to avoid a conversation about his birthday. Somehow and someway we all managed to keep the secret from him. We all knew that it was going to be a surprise for him that he couldn’t comprehend.

I came back from the country on Sunday otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. I had plans to see Mr. D. that evening but he sent me a message saying that he got food poisoning and that if we could postpone until the next day, which we had off from work due to President’s Day. I was fine with that change of plans and instead contacted a friend of mine where we had drinks at the bar, Rise, and I was home by a descent hour.

Sunday I woke up and was feeling excited to see Mr. D. and also a little worried that our plans might get canceled due to nasty weather that we were having.  However, I got a message from him confirming that he was feeling better and that he was up for seeing a movie for the nasty weather was perfect for keeping out of the cold. I met him in Williamsburg around 5 p.m. and I got the tickets and he got the snacks. To my shock, he actually wanted to see a romantic comedy with me. During the movie, we smiled at each other and picked at each other’s snacks. After the movie was over with, he walked me to the subway station. On the walk to the subway, he said, “Next time, we really have to hang out in your area. And again, I’ve never been to your apartment.” Then to my surprise, he asked me what I was doing on Wednesday and if I wanted to hang out. To which I said that I was free. We hugged goodbye and when I got home and warmed up; I sent him a text thanking him for seeing the movie with me. To which he replied, “Glad you got home safely. I like seeing romantic comedies with you. It’s fun!”

The next night was the surprise birthday party for Feathers. We had rented out an art gallery in the West Village. The plan was to have all the guests arrive ahead of time and me, Feather’s husband and our other friend pick Feather’s up at his apartment and see an art gallery show before heading to dinner. He had bought the entire plan and so, we picked him up at his apartment as planned and then got a cab heading to the space. I walked ahead of him and up the stairs to the gallery and we all turned around and yelled, “SURPRISE!” He started to shake and then proceeded to cry endlessly and those tears came in and out throughout the entire evening. He was shocked, surprised and above all else…grateful. He was worried that no one really cared about him and that his birthday was going to come and go. The night was perfect and it was such a great experience to see my friend so happy and emotional.

On Wednesday, work was really busy but somehow I managed to leave at 5 p.m. and Mr. D. had originally suggested that we talk a nice walk heading uptown and then arrive at a coffee shop to chat. We started to walk and as we were walking, we were discussing what we were going to wear on Friday, for it was our office’s annual winter gala. He told me about his suit and when I asked him about what shoes and belt he was going to wear, he said he hadn’t thought about that.  I suggested that since we have the time that we just head to Union Square and do a little shopping for him. It was fun shopping and picking things out for him. He got two pair of shoes and a belt. After the shopping, he suggested dinner and we went to Spice for some delicious Thai food. During dinner, we talked about music, our travel plans and everything just seemed to fall into place. I can’t put into words what is different but something does feel different this time around. When the bill arrived, he grabbed the check and said, “No. This one is on me.” I thanked him and we talked a bit more outside before heading for home.

Friday, the night of our office winter gala and the event was being held at Chelsea Piers. It was gorgeous and the free food and booze were flowing. I didn’t eat much and instead to opt for drinking and dancing. It was a fun night had by all. After the gala there was an after party held at, Gaslight, and there everyone was really feeling the festivities and I realized that I needed to take myself home. Mr. D. left before I did and as he was leaving he asked if we could hang out this Sunday. I think I agreed but it was a little fuzzy as to what my exact response was. When I got home he made sure I got home safely and then I passed out.

I woke up on Saturday not feeling my best but knew that I had several hours to get my act together before needing to meet friends for dinner and drinks that night. The reason for the dinner was because we were celebrating another friend of mine’s birthday. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull through for the evening but after my first margarita I was feeling back to normal again. After dinner, we went to the bar, DBL, which was followed by ending up at the birthday boys favorite bar, The Eagle. Somewhere a little after 2 a.m. I said my goodbyes and took my ass home.

Yesterday, once again waking up a little groggy, I forced myself to the gym, did my laundry and got a text from Mr. D. saying, “What do you wanna do?” I gave him some suggestions and he suggested that we try to do another comedy show for he wanted me to have a better experience than the last time when we went a few weeks ago. I arrived at his apartment at 8 p.m. and there we chatted about the party, our weekends and he showed me that he wears a shirt I got him last year to the gym. It was time to leave for the comedy show and thankfully it’s in walking distance from his apartment. As we were walking there he suggested we get a snack before the show. He, once again, paid for the snacks and now it was time for the comedy show to begin. We watched the show for about an hour and it was getting late. He, once again, walked me to the subway station. He said that he promises the next time we hang out will be in my area. We hugged goodbye and when I got down in the subway station, I realized that not only did I not have enough money on my metro card but that the metro card kiosk was down. I didn’t know what to do and thankfully a nice guy saw my distress and he let me use his metro card and I got home all in one piece. When I got home I sent a thank you message and told Mr. D. about my episode on the subway. He responded with that next time he will make sure I physically get through the subway turnstiles. It was a nice way to end the weekend and with all the possibly maybe scenarios.

I have no idea where this time around with Mr. D. will go. As we all know there are no promises, guarantees or even glimpses into the future. What I do know is that for now I’m happy with the slow process of getting reacquainted and possibly maybe this time around just might work itself out.


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