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Patience is a Virtue

“Patience is a Virtue” is a proverbial phrase that is said to date back all the way to the fifth century. I find this incredibly mind blowing that for all this time, we are still figuring out how to be patient with ourselves, with others and with the way of the world. In a city like New York where having patience isn’t exactly embraced, it got me thinking about “patience”. Does having patience work to our advantage or are we just kidding ourselves thinking that if we have all this “patience” it will, in return, give us all that we want?

After coming down from an amazing weekend with my office crush that had us on a private beach that provided us with not only a spectacular view of the ocean but also brought us closer in this pseudo-relationship that we have; I was expecting this past week to start off with the usual running of patience with work, etc. However, it began with nothing but pure entertainment all around.

On Monday, after work, my office crush and I, along with a few other co-workers went to see a fellow co-workers comedy show and it was really fun. It was nice to be laughing not drinking and just enjoying what was being presented. After the show, I stood outside of the comedy club with other co-workers for a few minutes talking about the show but my office crush said he was leaving. At first he looked at me as if I was to follow him to the subway but I remained with my coworkers and chatted for a few more minutes before I said goodbye. It was such a nice night in the city that I decided to walk home rather than take the subway.

The next day, was business as usual and after work, I ended up meeting a friend of mine and his boyfriend at Arriba Arriba for dinner and drinks. Of course, the topic of my office crush came up and while I didn’t receive a lecture about what I’m doing with him they asked several questions that I feel I have all the answers for but like most people that know me and read this blog, their patience are running out with this situation. Naturally, my friends have my best interest at heart and are afraid of me getting hurt in the end however, as crazy as this is and I’ve never been in this situation before; I feel like I have a grip on it. I know the risks and I’m willing to accept them. After dinner, we said goodbye and I went to bed that night like a kid on Christmas Eve for the next night was going to be a special night for me.

I woke up on Wednesday morning just wishing that the day would go by so quickly. In fact, I was running out of patience with my work day because I wanted to rush home, go to the gym, shower and head to Madison Square Garden for I would be attending my first of three Madonna concerts that week. Thankfully, all my patience paid off because I got out of work on time and rushed to get everything accomplished and I sat in my seat at Madison Square Garden along with thousands of fans waiting for the show to start. The show started and time was no longer an issue and after two hours of an amazing concert, I met up with some friends of mine at the bar, Barracuda, for literally one beer and I went home to get proper rest for I had another amazing experience on the next night to look forward to.

I woke up on Thursday morning feeling just as excited as I was on Wednesday. I knew that I would be seeing the exact same show but it didn’t matter. This time was special for me because I would be seeing it with some friends of mine that have only seen Madonna once before and I was hoping they would appreciate the show just as much as I had. After work, we all met up at Dallas BBQ for dinner and walked over to Madison Square Garden together. We sat rather close to each other and once the show started there was so much energy that I could tell my friends that sat a few rows ahead of me was having an amazing experience. After the show, my friends and I and even a few others all met up at, XES Bar, for a few drinks and of course to talk about the show. We all stayed for several drinks before we all retired home. I was looking forward to going to bed because after the past two nights of excitement I was exhausted but also because I knew I could sleep in late the next morning because I took the day off from work!

As someone that never takes days off from work, never calls out sick or even comes in late, it always feel like I’m playing hooky from work when I have a scheduled day off. I almost feel guilty but this day, I didn’t let any of those feelings get in my way from having a productive day. I worked out, did laundry and even got a haircut. I was messaging with my office crush all day to determine what our plans for the evening would be. He was doing an amazing job with not drinking and so he was hesitant to do something for he feared that we wouldn’t have any fun, which was pure nonsense. He told me that he could be free around 5:30 and that I should meet him at this shoe store for he needed help picking out a pair of shoes. I met him at the shoe store and we began shopping and after observing the selection, we found a pair that we both liked and he immediately put them on.

After the shoe shopping, it was such a nice night out that we decided to walk downtown. Along the way, he asked if I wanted to have dinner with him. I was in agreement to get dinner with him and so we finally stumbled upon, Hill Country, for some barbeque and iced tea. During the dinner, we talked and laughed non-stop. We think our waiter even thought we were an item because after dinner and our plates were cleared, he brought over a tray of desserts to select from. My office crush and I settled on this amazing banana pudding and when the pudding came to our table, he brought two spoons, smiled and said, “Enjoy boys.” And boy, did we enjoy that dessert. When the bill came, we both laughed at how cheap the bill was because we didn’t have any cocktails. What we also noticed was that the waiter didn’t put our dessert on the bill. We paid and walked away quickly before anyone realized.

Once we got outside, we walked and talked for about a half hour more and wondered around the Union Square area. I could tell that the evening was winding down for him and so I walked him to the subway, we hugged goodbye and then I pulled my phone out. I noticed that a few of my friends were asking where I was and if I wanted to meet for a drink. Seeing that it was still rather early in the evening, I agreed to meet them for a few drinks in my neighborhood.

I met my friends at, Boxers, and there we had a few drinks on the rooftop before heading over to a newish bar called, DBL. At DBL, we continued with our drinks and then went to yet another bar called, Ninth Avenue Saloon. Friends were beginning to drop off one by one and then it was just me and a good friend of mine where we went to, Barrage, for one more beer to catch each other up properly since we hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks. We said goodbye at a descent hour because we all knew we needed our rest for Saturday was going to be a big day for all of us.

Keeping my patience down for the entire week was paying off substantially. I was able to have the perfect balance of work, friends and even time with my office crush. It was a perfect week and I was grateful for each day. So, by the time Saturday had arrived, I didn’t think the day or the week for that matter, could get any better. I ran some errands before heading to my friends’ apartment for a pre-party that he was hosting before we all walked over to the Barclay Center to see my final Madonna concert.

After the concert, which was amazing again, we all walked back to my friends’ apartment and had the post-party and that was a party that lasted till about 5 a.m. I hadn’t stayed up that late in awhile and I already knew that I was going to pay for it the next day or shall I say that morning. When I finally woke up yesterday morning, I was in a lot of pain but the pain was worth it for I had such an amazing experience seeing the show with all of my friends. During the day yesterday, my office crush and I messaged each other about Sunday football and eventually, I had to force myself to take a nap in order to get myself in a better state.

Since we can’t predict the future, I guess it’s best to think about how patience can actually help us get through some difficult times as well as times when we want things to move quickly. Patience can be one of the worse torture devices out there but every once in a blue moon when we give in, let patience do its thing, we might actually get what we’ve been wanting all along.

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton, was an English poet and novelist from the 1800’s. A man that is famous for such quotes as, “pursuit of the almighty dollar,” “the pen is mightier than the sword” and his most famous, “It was a dark and stormy night.” I found that he also contributed his talents to the subject of “patience” and that is what I will close with for this week:

“Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength.”

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