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Monthly Archives: May, 2015


In this life that we live, we will come across many crossroads and these crossroads tend to determine where our next chapter will take us. Chapters like, whether or not you should get married or should you take a job offer. The crossroads are endless, as they should be because without these crossroads, obstacles, challenges …

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We all have limits, boundaries and standards that we create for ourselves in order for us not to become hurt or fall into any type of danger. Each of our limits differs from one person to another. Some people are risk takers while others feel best when they play it safe. Then there are times …

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Defining Moments

There will be a million moments in our lives from birth till our death; where we will experience certain moments that define the people that we are or will become. Moments like, graduation, weddings, first jobs, children, divorce, sex and even love. Everyone is different and will react differently to the moments that define them. …

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