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Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Just Like a Pill

We all have some sort of addiction or addictive personality trait in us. Some of us are addicted to booze, drugs, sex and if you are like me…shopping. How we manage our addictions is quite another story. We can let it cripple us, we can rely on our addictions so heavily to make us feel …

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According to Plan

Our lives are based on a series of plans. From the time we are born till our last breath, we are all programmed and destined to live our lives according to some certain plan. When we set off into the world of adulthood, there are certain milestones that we are supposed to hit. We are …

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Got Till It’s Gone

Each and every single day, people all over the world make promises, vows, and commitments and when they make them; they rarely think of the consequences after. We get caught up in the moment never really thinking exactly how our words, our actions and our promises can affect ourselves and others. These kinds of promises, …

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Truth and Consequences

There are many times in our lives when we will avoid the truth in order fulfill a void that is missing ,a void that needs to filled or a void that we don’t even know exists. Then there are the times when we face the truth and must deal with the consequences that come after …

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