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Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Boy, Interrupted

There will be thousands of moments in our lives from childhood till our last breath that we do things that simply don’t make sense to the outside world. Moments that can define us, change the world, hurt someone or even hurt ourselves. As we get older and each year that goes by, we are, in …

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Dazed and Confused

We’ve all experienced a certain level of emotions where we can’t pin point what we are feeling. It can drive us mad, it can leave us feeling breathless and other times it can make us feel downright frustrated. What’s even more frustrating than not being able to identify the emotions that you are feeling is …

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As kids, we did our best to avoid getting into trouble for fear of getting punished from our parents. Then as teenagers, we begin to test the boundaries with just how far we can be rebellious without getting caught. When we reach our young twenties, it’s as if we are Bambi learning how to walk. …

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Beautiful Scars

Life is a series of wars; sometimes the battle is with the outside world, other times it comes from within. Regardless of whom we are at war with, in the end, we come out with scars. Some of those scars are deeply rooted, others are painful and some can even be beautiful. Whether our scars …

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Every morning millions of people get up in the morning and do the same routine in order to make a living. In order to survive and in order to provide for their loved ones. Sometimes it’s hard to break the pattern of doing the same thing over and over again. I like to call this …

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