"Update" NYC


As New Yorkers we are trained to move with the pace of the city. That pace is usually moving so fast that you are practically running to catch a subway, hailing a cab, getting to your next meeting or hustling to make a date. We, not just as New Yorkers but as the human race are trained to know that anything can happen in the blink of an eye and that we must always be aware of our surroundings. We run around all day long chasing something. Whether that chase is our goals, a train or even that great relationship, we are simply in a constant state of running. With all this running around that we do, are we getting closer to our achievements or simply running around in circles?

I’m the spokesperson for living a life in a constant state of running, in both the physical and mental aspects. This past weekend was certainly no exception. It was one of those weekends where by the time the weekend ended you are amazed at how much you’ve accomplished.

I spent all of last week avoiding the things I love the most…my friends and booze. I was determined to get into a skin tight Halloween costume and that meant my only entertainment for the week would consist of eating salads, running and no booze. It wasn’t exactly a fun week but I sure did feel good about the way the costume was coming along.

The only person I didn’t avoid during the week was the guy that has come back into my life after a couple of years of silence. We communicate every day and while I’ve known him for several years, everything seems completely new. Not just from him but also within myself. When we dated years ago, I actually ran away from him and ended the relationship. A pattern, that I admit, I’ve been known to do to really wonderful guys. A pattern, that I also admit, is not the most mature thing to do but it’s something that I had to do in order to understand why I ran in the first place.

In this second reincarnation of our relationship, I feel like my running shoes are stored properly in the closet and my feet are planted solid on the ground. I look forward to the messages and to actually seeing him. This past weekend, while my schedule barely allowed time for me to breathe, I had a feeling that I wasn’t going to be able to see him.

After a grueling work week, I couldn’t wait to get the weekend started, especially for Halloween. Around 5:30, I squeezed in one more workout before showering and heading over to my friend’s apartment to begin our tradition of drinking and getting ready together. This year, we were doing something different. Traditionally, we would go over to my friend, Feather’s, famous Halloween party but this year we were going to a dance party. This party was being held at the old New York Times building with all of the proceeds going to the Stonewall Community Foundation and the Tyler Clementi Foundation.

The event was sold-out so we knew we couldn’t spend all night getting ready, we needed to be somewhat on time. Everyone looked amazing. I was able to squeeze into my Catwoman costume and we got a cab rather quickly. We arrived to the event and it was rather impressive. Everyone was attractive and the photographer of the event spent a good half hour just taking pictures of me in various poses. The costume was a success, the event space was spectacular and all my friends were having an excellent time. A friend of ours that was running in the New York Marathon on Sunday flew in from Los Angeles that night, changed at our friend’s apartment and showed up to the dance party all by midnight. With no concept of time, my friends were taking me away from the party and taking me to my friend’s apartment to pass out. When we arrived to the east side of the city, the most ironic thing was that I didn’t fall down when I was in five inch heels, it was that once I took them off, I fell and banged up my left knee. I never made it home that night; instead I slept on my friends couch and barely knew where I was when I woke up.

Saturday morning, I woke up in clothes that weren’t mine but I at least knew where I was. While my friends were still asleep, I just quickly grabbed my belongings and ran to catch a cab in the rain. As I tried to put together that amazing night that I had on the ride home, I realized that once I got to my apartment building that I didn’t have my wallet. The cab driver was one of the nicest drivers I’ve experienced and he offered to take me back to my friend’s apartment. I get to their apartment, grab my wallet, give them a hug and get back in the waiting cab. It was the most expensive cab ride of my life for simply going across town but that is what I get for running like a mad man to get to my bed.

I didn’t have much time to rest or even take care of my hangover because we all were due to the West Side Highway at 3:45 that afternoon in order to catch a ferry to New Jersey for a house party. Some of us made the call time and we got on the ferry and recapped the night before. When we arrived in New Jersey, friends of ours were picking us up in two separate cars because there was too many of us. I opted to go in the second car and ride with a guy that I’ve only met once or twice before. Turns out, that was a mistake. I got in the car with two other friends of mine and I sat in the front. I did my best to talk to the man driving but he was having a hard time concentrating on the road. I would quickly discover that was because he was already slightly drunk. He drove aggressively and as we were turning a corner, he actually hit a sign and it kicked in his mirror. The rest of the ride was in complete silence until we arrived and he smiled and said, “We made it.” All of us got out rather quickly and got inside the house.

The party was fantastic. The theme was making your own pizzas and empanadas. Friends, food, booze and video games; it was the perfect Saturday afternoon which somehow turned into the evening. After hours of stuffing our faces, laughing and more eating; we got a car back to the city and got in around midnight. We all were exhausted from Halloween and the house party that we all said our goodbyes and all went to bed.

Throughout Halloween and even Saturday’s party, I did stay in contact with the guy and it was nice but there were times that I wish he was with me rather than just text messages. I rarely say the words, “I miss you” but it was the feeling that I had at times over the weekend and I didn’t know when we would be seeing each other next.

By the time yesterday had presented itself, while we gained an hour with daylight savings time; I was still exhausted. However, the runner that I am, I pushed myself to do laundry, clean the apartment from top to bottom and even go for a long run. The guy and I were messaging about our plans for the day; I invited him to attend a small gathering that we were having for our friend over at, Houston Hall, for her victory on the marathon. He told me that he would keep me posted but he did want to see me at some capacity.

My friend finished the marathon and we all were so proud of her. She came by my apartment to shower and get ready for her gathering. Of course, no matter how fast we run, somehow we always end up being late. While all the guests were waiting for us, we were a little over a half hour late bringing the guest of honor. As we got our beers, I received a message from the guy (calling me the private nickname has for me) informing me that he’s still working and if he could take a rain check. I didn’t mind at all seeing that he was working and that comes first. Plus, I had my amazing friends with me and that was what was most important. After a couple of beers, I messaged him that I was in a cab heading over to his apartment and his response was, “Copy.”

I arrived at his apartment feeling buzzed but not sloppy. It was past nine and we didn’t have much time to hangout but both agreed that after his presentation today that we would make official plans for our next date. We cuddled on his couch, made out like high school kids and order in take-out. All in all, it was a sweet way to bookend a rather superb weekend. I left his apartment around 11 p.m. and properly put myself to sleep once we exchanged our goodnight messages.

Maybe with all the running around that we do, will finally allow us to reach our dreams that we’ve been running toward. For all those marathon runners that completed their race; their sense of accomplishment is overwhelming. For those that run toward their dreams and finally reach them; that sense of gratitude is priceless. With all our running around that we do; sometimes it’s nice to stand still and take pause at the wonderful life that we are given.

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