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Lucky Charms

Catholicism, Mormonism, Buddhism, Judaism and even Atheism all represent a certain belief system. Regardless of your personal belief and your views on each other’s belief systems; the one thing everyone has in common is: BELIEF. It’s that belief that keeps us going. However, it’s funny that only when the shit hits the fan that we call on the higher ups to help us out of our despair. Showing gratitude and appreciation are actually harder emotions to express and showing our anger and disappointment comes far too easy. With all our different religions, spirituality and those that don’t believe in anything. I couldn’t help but wonder is all this believing doing us any good?

As someone that leans more toward the spirituality of things. I tend to start my mornings off with a light meditation expressing my appreciation for all my fortunes and even misfortunes. Last Monday, I was meditating for a good first day at the new job. I was starting a job in the ultra- chic Chelsea Market building. I had the outfit, the shoes, the bag and the sunglasses and a little bit of confidence behind me. I knew they wanted me to work there more than I wanted to work there; so I felt like I had the upper hand. However, once I arrived there; I sat at reception for over a half-hour waiting to be called upon. Suddenly, I was nervous that they either forgot about me or worse…didn’t need me any longer. Finally, my new supervisor appeared and like all typical first days of a new job. My computer wasn’t set-up, I was going to be shadowing a co-worker and I found myself taking notes feverishly. I was impressed with the funky layout of the office, how the staff dressed and how quickly I was grasping things. Before I even accepted this freelance job; I felt like I was going fourteen steps back and not moving forward whatsoever. In hindsight, I knew that I had some luck in my life because I was only unemployed for a little over a week before landing this job. I know so many out there that are without jobs and they’ve been looking forever. To get a job so quickly I knew how luck played a big part in this new chapter. After all that has happened to me over the past couple of months; I felt like my luck was finally taking a turn for the better. By the time my first day had ended, I felt rather good about myself and the choice that I had made.

I spent next couple of days focusing on the new job and by Wednesday my supervisor had said he was impressed with how quickly I picked up the job and liked what I was presenting to them. After having little to no confidence; I was mentally beginning to pick myself up off the floor.

By the time Thursday rolled around, I was ready to let my hair down. That evening I picked up my friend at his apartment and we headed over to, The Blackdoor, for a friend’s going away party. By the time we arrived, the place was already packed with people. Not just any people either but really attractive people. Some we knew and others we’ve never met before. The party was fun and after several drinks, we decided to move onto the next bar. My friend and I were walking to Barracuda when we began talking about long term relationships. I was mentioning to him that I’m not sure if I’d even be good at a long term relationships anymore. Then he said something to me that really hit a nerve. He said, “You have the longest relationships with your friends. You have like fifteen long term relationships.” It was there that I knew that I could do a long term relationship with the right person and just how incredibly lucky I was to have such amazing people in my life. My friends and the city were in fact my lucky charms.

On Friday, after finishing a rather successful first week at the new gig; I was getting ready for my second date with the guy I had a rather nice first date the week prior. I had a gut feeling that this second date was going to be the date that would determine for me if I wanted a third or fourth date. He was early to the restaurant and texted me that he was waiting outside. I wasn’t ready yet but quickly pulled myself together and rushed down Ninth Avenue to meet him at Arriba Arriba. I figured why not have killer margaritas and see where the evening takes us. I haven’t really had a lot of experience with dating a “husky” man but he certainly had a passion for food. The minute he saw the chips and salsa arrive at our table. He kept going on and on at how exciting it was that the chips were warm and how delicious the salsa tasted. Meanwhile, I was rather excited at how delicious my margarita with no salt tasted. As the meal went on, he expressed how much he loves food and isn’t a big drinker and likes being a homebody. I was willing to overlook him not being a big drinker but the homebody part was a red flag for me. I live in a great city and would like to find someone to enjoy the city with. After dinner, we walked past an ice cream place and he wanted something sweet; so we got a little ice cream and walked toward Tenth Avenue. He preferred to walk on a not-so-busy avenue.

As we walked, he began to get tired and suggested we walk back toward the subway which would take him to the Bronx where he lives. He is a rather nice guy but the way we live our lives is completely different. When I asked him what his weekend plans were, he said, “I plan on not leaving my apartment and watch scary movies.” It was very apparent that we live our lives differently and so we said our goodbyes and at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night; the date was over. I was glad that I gave the date a second chance but I made my mind up that there will not be a third. I went home and got a descent nights rest.

Saturday and the weather was overcast and it was starting to feel like fall in the city. I took that opportunity to sleep in, not rush through my errands and began to get ready for a birthday party that was starting at five. I was running a bit late but managed to meet at my friend’s apartment in Chelsea, pick up him and the birthday boy and head over to this bar called, Barcade. This bar has every single video game from childhood from Donkey Kong to Ms. Pacman. The drinks were flowing, the games were being played and I was having a rather fun time losing at every single game I tried to play.

After the party, a few of us went over to another friend’s apartment where we listened to music, saw more friends and I drank champagne. Several hours later, some of us jumped in a cab and headed to the bar, Industry for some light dancing. Of course, it was too crowded to dance so we had a few drinks before we all decided to call it a night. I walked home, the city had a crisp chill in the air and as the cabs breezed by me; I couldn’t help but feel such an overwhelming amount of luck. No matter how many bad dates and the constant ebbs and flows of life that we all endure. I knew how fortunate I was to have the city as one big lucky charm.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling good. I got the paper, coffee and took myself to the park. It was just me, coffee, paper and the park. It was one of those fall days where if you were in the sun you were warm and if you were under the shade you needed a sweater. I opted to stay under the sunshine and after a few hours, I got a text from a friend asking me to meet him for a beer at Boxers. Seeing that it was so close to my apartment, I went over there, had a few beers and took myself home. I went to bed early last night and prepared myself for the week ahead.

Whether you believe in any religion at all; it really doesn’t matter. It’s how you live the life you are given. Do you recognize the gifts that are given and do you live your life to its fullest potential? We all get bogged down with our day to day lives. No matter how busy our lives can be, we must always take the time to recognize just how lucky we are to have our lucky charms!

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