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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Push and Shove

New York. A city that’s notorious for its pushy people, crowded streets, tiny apartments and endless possibilities. It’s a city that is unforgiving at times, that can try your patience and push you right to the very edge. Every single New Yorker has had the conversation with themselves at one point or another and has …

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It’s a safe assumption that we’ve all in our lives have uttered the words, “If Only” or “What If.” When we say these words, it usually based off an event that didn’t go exactly as we had planned. Maybe it was a job interview that we screwed up or a relationship that went south or …

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How Soon Is Now?

They say that timing is everything and when they say this; it’s usually in relation to when something bad happens in our lives. We say that timing is everything to lessen the pain. To make us feel better about a situation that didn’t quite pan out the way we had hoped. That can range from …

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