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Monthly Archives: April, 2014

The Normal Heart

When you think of the word “normal”, we tend to think of adjectives like, “common”, “familiar” or maybe even “boring”. These are adjectives that I never like to use in my own personal vocabulary. Part of the reason for living in a city like New York, is that we thrive on not being normal but …

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I Object

It happened about three weeks ago. The event that most American citizens dread when they open their mailboxes, only to see the envelope that informs you that you’ve been selected for jury duty. For most, we find this civil duty a pain in the ass. There is the process of having to take time off …

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Patience is a Virtue

There is that age old phrase of, “Patience is a virtue.” In a city like New York, that phrase doesn’t sit very well with most. It’s a city that has no tolerance for long lines, can’t stand tourists that don’t know how to navigate the sidewalks and we are already honking our horns before the …

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Oil and Water

Anyone that knows me well enough, knows that cooking is not my strongest quality. However, being surrounded by some amazing people in my life that adore cooking and are excellent chefs. I have picked up a few things here and there. One thing that actually surprised me was the concept of oil and water and …

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