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Easy Ride

Either we’ve met these people before or we actually are these people. They are the people that we assume have an “easy ride.” You know the types, where money was never an issue, they were always in relationships, and probably never had a blemish in their entire life and everything from the outside for them, appeared to be perfect. Of course, we never really know if these people are actually happy or not because most of the time we are bitter that we don’t have what they have. Their “easy ride” in life can make any one of us that aren’t experiencing what they are feel like our ride in life is an uneasy one. Which got me thinking…is it better to have the easy ride or to stay on the ride that’s filled with constant ups and downs?

Last week started off great. I was taking care of a friend’s dog/apartment in Chelsea while he was off on a ski trip. It was agreed that the guy I had been hanging out with for the past two weeks or so would stay the night. Even though we had just seen each other that past Saturday, I was still looking forward to seeing him. While my mind was deep in neurotic mode and everyone around me telling me things like, “enjoy this time” or “breathe” and my personal favorite “just relax.” All things that have never been easy for me to do. My ride in life has never been an easy one, especially when it comes to relationships.

He showed up around 8 p.m. we had a few drinks, talked, ordered pizza and had a nice evening. Of course, during our time together that evening, my mind began to wonder and then he said to me, “You need to get out of your head.” Easier said than done but at that moment, I decided to let go of the million thoughts that were running through my mind and enjoy the time together. The next morning, we both got ready and took the same subway line to work. While heading uptown on the F train, I thought about how long it had been that I even rode a subway with a guy to get to work in the morning. It felt odd yet at the same time familiar. He got off on 42nd Street and before he left, he kissed me goodbye and told me to have a good day. After he left the subway my nerves began to calm down…somewhat.

The next day, was business as usual with taking care of things for the blog, work and that evening I attended my friends Pancake Party. It’s a party that is held each year, the day before Ash Wednesday. We have pancakes, drinks and of course gossip. Most of the people there, read the blog so they had a ton of questions about the guy and I did my best to answer them. Ironically enough, as I’m talking about him to my friends, he sends a text asking me to see a play that Thursday (I had plans that evening so I had to decline) but I was still thrilled that he asked me. The evening was relaxed and I was home at a descent hour.

On Wednesday, it was my last day of dog/apartment sitting for my friend and so I invited a friend over for wine and food. He’s a friend that I don’t get to see very often due to scheduling but when I do see him, I’m reminded how much we have in common. We drank several bottles of wine and covered everything from work to of course…relationships. He gave me such sound advice and even calmed my nerves when it came to how I handle certain situations. A visit that was long overdue but very happy that we did it.

When I woke up on Thursday, my first thought was that it was already Thursday but that I have drank every single night that week so far. I was dying to hit the gym and sweat it out, which thankfully my scheduled allowed me to do. After the gym, I got ready to head over to the restaurant, Anjeo, a tequila bar near my apartment. I was there to see one of my oldest friends who was in the city from Minnesota. It was her birthday, so her, her boss and myself all sat there and had one margarita after another. Of course, once the margaritas kicked in, we decided that shots of tequila would be an excellent idea. So, after three or four shots of tequila and by the time the end of the night rolled around, I couldn’t even walk. We had to take a cab nine blocks in order to drop me off. When my head hit the pillow, I knew the next day that I would be paying for that tequila experience.

The alarm went off and that tequila sunrise was in full force. I think I was still drunk when I woke up and so I went through the motions. Got ready, turned my computer on and began to just giggle. It was official…I was still drunk. Which also meant that I was going to crash in a few hours once this high was going to end. The guy and I were texting figuring out plans for the weekend to see each other. We made tentative plans that evening based on how our evenings to see each other. Whenever there are tentative plans on the table, I immediately go to the negative and figure that the plans will not come to fruition. However, my night was already looking great because that evening I was seeing the Broadway show, The Lion King, with my friend. All these years of living here and I’ve never seen the show. I had such a wonderful experience with my friend and by the time the show ended, we both were somewhat tired and his last words to me were simply, “Just breathe.” I sent a text to the guy telling him that my show was over with. I got home and as soon as I was taking my shoes off to settle in for the night. He responds and asks if I wanted to meet him down in the village. It was only 11:30ish and so I said yes. Then the plans changed from me meeting him in the village to him heading up to Hell’s Kitchen to see me. We were going to go to, Posh, but the place was too crowded and loud. So, we settled on Vlada. It was, as it has been so far, nice to see him. He was tipsier than I was but we talked, kissed and talked some more. I wasn’t sure if he was going to stay the night and if he needed to go back home to Brooklyn. However, after a drink at the bar, we decided to just grab a six pack of beer and go back to my apartment. We had a few beers, watched some T.V. and went to my room and passed out.

The guy can sleep in and while I’m someone that doesn’t need that much rest, it was just nice to have him there. We cuddled and slept in till after noon. We started to wake up and I was certain that he was going to tell me that he needed to head back to Brooklyn, which I assumed all along. Instead, I suggested that before he leave, we grab brunch. He liked the idea and we both showered and headed over to this place called, HK Café.

At the restaurant, the cocktails were coming. He with his Bloody Mary’s and I with my champagne. We talked about how we both ended up in New York, some of our struggles in life and while there was a moment to share some of my uneasy rides, I decided that it still was far too soon to share the other side of my life. By the third cocktail, the topic of relationships came up. He said, “You know what is coming up don’t you?” I had no idea what he was getting at and he went onto say, “Next week will be one month.” Usually, I am someone that is all about the dates, etc. but this one time slipped my mind and it didn’t even occur to me how long we’ve been hanging out already. I then took that opportunity to ask what he was looking for in terms of relationships. He told me that he is open to the idea of something more long term but is also in no rush to walk down the aisle. It was the exact answer I needed to hear. While, I was ready to ask a million more questions, I decided to just be satisfied with that answer and as everyone around has been saying…”enjoy the ride.”

After we settled the bill, the weather was finally amazing in the city. So, we decided to walk. We ended up walking up Ninth Avenue, then entering Central Park and there we walked, shared the occasional kiss and even during the moments of silence…it was perfect. All of my nerves and scattered emotions were calm. I had a nice guy, the city and not a care in the world. We finally ended up going to this bar, Suite, on 109th/Amsterdam. We certainly walked a very long way and both were in need of a drink. Once at the bar, we met some of his friends that I had met a few weeks prior. All of them were so nice toward me and I continued to drink. I must have gotten drunk because I don’t remember much about the progression of the evening.

I don’t remember how we got home and while I remember certain bits and pieces, he ended up filling in most of the blanks. Apparently, I talked to the bartender about video games (which I know nothing about), on the subway ride home I was talking to total strangers and was very excited when one of them said hello back to me. Once we got back to my place, we ordered pizza and there he took care of everything. He went to get the pizza, he set up the table with the pizza, lit a candle and even found a movie for us to watch. I was so drunk that after a slice of pizza, I was passed out on his lap and there I remained until the movie was over with. He cleaned up the dinner and put me to bed and he slept right next to me.

Yesterday morning or shall I say…yesterday afternoon. We both woke up and he had to pick up someone from work at JFK airport at 8 p.m. that evening. So, I thought he was going to go back to Brooklyn and head to the airport from there. Instead, plans went to us showering, him showing me his office, followed by us walking the High Line. During our walk on the High Line, I thought of how easy of a ride this entire weekend had been. Not one fight, I wasn’t sick of him and I didn’t get the vibe that he was sick of me either. This was a ride that I could get used to. After the walk, we stopped into Gym Bar and had a few beers before he jumped on the train to the airport.

While he was at the airport, I took that time to clean the apartment and have some “me” time. He was texting me and said that when he gets back to the city that he wants to see me again and not go back to Brooklyn. I was fine with that and he showed up around 11 p.m. and there we talked, watched re-runs of the Golden Girls before retiring to bed.

I woke up this morning ready to tackle work. I left him in my apartment to sleep in (something I NEVER do) and on my walk to the office, I realized just what a unique weekend it had been.

In life, there will be people that simply are born with that easy ride. They also tend to be those people that hardly show appreciation for the things they are given. For me, I’d much rather have that uneasy ride, to struggle through life and battle my way through the ups and downs. For I know that when I achieve the goals in life that I’ve worked so hard for that I will appreciate them and the ride will then become that much easier to ride.

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