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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Smile LIke You Mean It

They say a smile goes along way. Of course, in a city like New York if you smile at a perfect stranger, that simple act can range anywhere from flirtatious to psycho. However, in that same token that simple smile from a random person can change your entire perception of the human race.  When you …

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I’ll Take Manhattan

It all began with an image from the band, Blondie. My mom had their album, Autoamerican, and while I was immediately fascinated with Debbie Harry; it was the image behind her on that cover that I became fixated on. It was the Manhattan skyline and I will never forget starring at the image thinking how …

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When You Know, You Know

Every single day we are given the gift of “knowing.” Knowing what route to get you to the office the fastest, knowing what you are going to have for lunch and knowing that no matter what, your loved ones will be there for you. Of course, life doesn’t always deal us the nicest of hands …

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