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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

Battling the BIG D

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should write about my past week. It was something that I toyed with not even sharing because while it is one thing to write about a crazy date I may have had from some online dating site. It was quite another to expose yourself in …

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A good friend of mine over the weekend asked me what this week’s “UpDate” was going to be about and most of the time my inspiration for this blog doesn’t hit me until I hear or see something that triggers what the theme will be. It was at a party that he said, “Sea of …

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Underneath the Surface

We do it every single day of our lives and sometimes we are unaware that we are even doing it. It’s called judgment. Most of us associate the word “judgment” with a negative tone. This is because when we hear or even act on judgment, it’s associated with the color of someone’s skin, the kind of …

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Wasted Time

We do it every single day of our lives; we put off something that could have been done today. We are all guilty at one point or another for taking this time we are given for granted. We just assume that tomorrow will bring another opportunity to reply to that email, start that diet, look …

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Out of Control

I walked by a school last week and couldn’t help but think back to when as kids all I could think about was one time of day. That for me was recess. A half hour to lose all control where all the kids would swing on the monkey bars, run as fast as we possibly …

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