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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Rescue Me

Fairytales. They are instilled in our childhood’s right from the beginning. We all know that when we here those magic words, “Once upon a time…” that we are in for an adventure and that all will be calm in the kingdom by the time we reach the end of the book. I got to thinking …

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Now that every person all around us owns a computer, there will come a time when our computers will not function the way you expect it to.  We have no idea what button we pressed, we have no idea why something isn’t connecting and no clue how to fix it. However, when we do call …

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Getting What You Deserve – Part II

Last week I wrote about getting what you deserve in life; that if you obey the laws of the universe, treat others with kindness that only good things will come your way. Maybe I was jumping the gun in thinking that theory to be accurate. I now look at it as the equivalent of when …

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Getting What You Deserve

They say that if you follow all the rules and obey all guidelines, you will get what you deserve. It’s that karmic belief that how you treat someone will reflect on how you; yourself will get treated. It’s a great belief and something that I live by. But when life gets complicated with tragedies, diseases …

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