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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Everyone is familiar with the book written by Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” It was a book that was written in order to prepare young adults about the good and the bad that comes with life once you leave the nest. As adults, we are constantly moving at such a rapid pace that it’s rare that we even find the time to stop and think about all the places that we’ve already been to. To stop and think about our own personal journey’s and how we managed to survive life when at certain points you thought there was no hope or how you had the best experience of our life and you wanted that moment to never end. Life is pretty damn random, that much we know but I couldn’t help but wonder about the places we’ll go.

Last Tuesday, after work, I made my way over to an old coworker’s apartment in Brooklyn. We would also be reviewing logos and mock-up pages for the future of this here blog. As another friend of ours joined us and we had wine up on her rooftop overlooking Manhattan; I couldn’t help but think about these two great people that while I haven’t known them all that long. In the short time that I have known them, their lives have changed so dramatically. It was and has been a privilege seeing their lives change and all for the better. I went home that night with a feeling of such absolute certainty that these two wonderful people’s success will only continue to flourish.

When my evening plans on Wednesday got canceled, I was actually rather relieved. It gave me the opportunity to hit the gym and even begin packing for I was heading to Fire Island for the weekend. Seeing that I only have two more weekends out there before the season was over, I decided to take Friday off and leave a day early.

A few housemates were already there and I decided I would surprise them by coming over a day early. It was insanely hot and humid that day in New York and by the time I arrived to Penn Station I was rather a disheveled mess. I got on the train, got a seat and was all excited that I was doing this journey all by myself. I had my head phones on the entire trip for I didn’t want to be bothered and then a stop on the train came called, Lindenhurst. I wasn’t paying attention, nor was I listening to the conductor but I just noticed a lot of people getting off on the stop. I quickly grabbed my bags and followed everyone off the train.

As the train continued on, I looked around and none of what was around me looked familiar. The parking lot in the station stop had gone empty and now I was the only person standing on the platform. I had no idea what I was going to do next and as I started walking to a gas station to see about getting a cab, when a car pulled up next to me. It was a man driving the car and he rolled down his window and said, “You look lost. Where are you trying to get to?” When I told him that I needed to get to Fire Island, he said he knew what stop I needed to get to and if I wanted he would give me a lift to the station. I was desperate and so I got in this strangers car. Turns out, he was in the military, a rather handsome man but married with kids. When he pulled into the right station, he dropped me off and I offered him gas money but all he said was, “Not necessary. My pleasure. It was just fun listening to your stories about you getting lost.” I thanked the nice man and continued on the rest of my journey to the island.


When I FINALLY got to the island, I knew that a certain someone was going to be on the island. Mr. Engineer. I hadn’t seen or heard from him in a long time. So, when he said that he was already on the island and that he had the house to himself that night. I knew that it might be high time to pay him a visit. My friends completely understood and as I was getting ready, I told them that I would meet up with them later on that night. When I turned onto Tuna Walk heading toward his house, somehow I went into the wrong house and got lost…yet again. I started yelling Mr. Engineers name and finally he heard me but turns out he lived on the other side of the walk.

He made me dinner, which I had no idea he was doing and already had a glass of wine waiting. We finished the meal and then took our wine to the pool where after a half hour; he finally leaned in and kissed me. It was rather nice. Nicer than I even remembered actually. We got more wine and he suggested we go to the hot tub. Seeing that I didn’t bring a bathing suit, he offered me one. I guess it was pointless because after my third glass of wine, sitting in a hot tub that over looked the water and making out…pretty soon it was bathing suits off. Something that I haven’t done in years and not too comfortable with but I told myself to just go with the flow. After drying off, I checked my phone and my friends were checking in to see if I was ok. I was shocked when Mr. Engineer actually agreed to leave and meet my friends. He isn’t the most social person so I guess that wine was still having a positive effect on him. When we got to another friends house, I could tell he was starting to get uncomfortable so I left my friends and we went back to his place where I ended up staying the night. We didn’t cuddle because he said that isn’t his thing. It was late and I didn’t take it too personal and so I turned my back to him and went to sleep. The next morning, he made me coffee, we talked and it felt nice but the places that I want to go in life; he doesn’t. It is not that it’s a bad thing but it is something that I need to pay attention to. I said goodbye and went back to my house where my friends would be there to hear all about the details of my night…with no judgments.

On Friday, I made the conscious decision to spend it with my friends. No men. No drama. Just good old fashion poolside, gossiping, drinking and dancing; which is exactly what we did until the late hours or early morning (depending on how you want to look at it).

Saturday was perfect. Everyone was in excellent spirits and it started out like any other day out on the island. The housemates were updating each other from the night before, putting the music on at noon, pool time, a visit to the beach and then getting ready for all the teas that we were all looking forward to. Mr. Engineer had started texting again and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see him again but I wanted to keep my options open. As the night went on, the drinks continuing to flow and our house continued to be its normal crazy self. I decided that maybe another visit to Mr. Engineer might not be a bad thing and so I snuck out of my house and made my way into town. I sent a message to him telling him what I was doing. I was expecting to get a response back from him telling me to come over but as I waited at the bar, Sip N’ Twirl, that message never came. This was extremely typical of him and so I decided to get a beer and once I was done with that to go back home and cut my losses.

As I was sipping my beer, I saw an old coworker standing by himself. He was completely drunk and barely able to stand up. Hell, he barely even recognized me but I told him that maybe he should go home and if he wanted me to; that I would walk him home so he could pass out. He agreed to let me take him home and it was a long walk with trying to make sure he doesn’t fall off the boardwalk. I finally got him home and put him to bed with a trash can right next to his bed. Clearly, this night was turning out to be a huge bust and so I got onto Fire Island Boulevard and began my walk back to my house. As I was walking, I noticed this attractive man coming toward me. We both crossed and then looked back both at each other. Finally, I noticed that he stopped walking and was just looking at me. It was now or never. This was the moment where you either seize it or it will pass you by. I turned myself around and walked right up to him. We barely uttered the word, “Hello,” and began making out right in front of the roaming deer and people walking to their homes. It wasn’t classy. It was trashy and incredibly hot. He finally said his name and then said he lives just around the corner. Again, it was a moment that wasn’t going to present itself again and this was a place that I definitely wanted to go. Before we walked into his house, I asked him if he had a roommate and he said that he did but that he wouldn’t be home.

Before I knew it we were on a twin bed, making out and actually talking. We ended up talking for awhile and after all was said and done, I offered to go back to my place. But to my surprise and delight he said, “No. I want you to stay the night.” So, we got under the covers and as if the things couldn’t get any better…he cuddled me. Just as we were drifting off to sleep, his roommate (who I was assured would NOT be coming home) burst in asking for a pair of shorts. Once he saw me, I politely introduced myself from under the covers and his roommate went to go sleep on the couch.

The next morning could always be awkward in these situations. What if this person wasn’t as attractive as they were last night? What if he looks at me and regrets his decision? Or even that uncomfortable question of, “Where are my shoes?” But it wasn’t like that at all. In fact, there was a connection. We talked some more, where I was impressed with how much he was willing to share. I asked him when he was planning on going back to the city. He said he was going back on the earlier side to see his dog, do some work, etc. Usually I don’t ask a guy to any event for fear of the rejection but something came over me and I said, “My house is having a party this afternoon. It will be with friends and kids. You should stop by.” The minute I asked the question I was already prepared for the brush off when he said, “I will definitely try to get there.” He gave me his phone number and since he lost his phone earlier; he told me to contact him on Monday. His roommates were already awake and so I had to come out and introduce myself when clearly everyone in the house knows what had happened. He walked me to the door, kissed me goodbye and said he would see me later possibly.

As I walked home, I did run into some housemates who did nothing but laugh, hug me and shake their heads for I was still in the same clothes from the previous night. When I get home, all I could crave was a big cup of coffee. As I drank the coffee, a housemate asked me about all the dirty details which I, of course, gave him. When he asked me what the guys name was, I said it and he started laughing. He said, “I know him. Everyone knows him. He is such a nice guy. In fact, you have been to his apartment before.” Here I was thinking that I met someone pretty cool and turns out I have met this person before. But then again, he didn’t remember me either. It was a small world and when we went on Facebook, it showed that we had 30 mutual friends. Friends that I am very close with. So how on earth did our paths never cross? As my housemates all started to wake up and I had to repeat the story several times all they could say was good things about this guy. So, at least he has good word of mouth.

We began to prepare for the party that we were throwing. All running around and then the guests started to arrive. I told myself to not even think about the guy because we just met, under rather crazy circumstances and why on earth would we even come to a party from someone he just met? The party was now in full swing and some friends wanted to hit the beach. So, we all went the beach and after about a half hour decided to go back and when I walked inside the house…my friend pulled me aside and said, “He’s here.” He showed up! He came to the party! It was a really nice gesture and considering that he was already friends with 90% of the guests there, I instantly felt more comfortable. All my anxious emotions went away and I let nature take its course. We talked, we laughed and of course…we drank. Seeing that he had the ferry to catch back home, he said goodbye to my friends and I thought for sure that I was going to get a hug goodbye and that was it. Nope. He planted several big kisses and said, “Call me when you get back to the city.” Swoon. He barely left the house and all my friends just came up to me and gave me hugs, giggled and again said what a great guy he is. In fact, I found myself actually pretty fucking giddy from the past several hours of everything that had transpired. Ok. Yes. Too soon to even think of where the places this would even go but a few hours later I checked my phone and there was a Friend Request on Facebook from him. And I as I write this, I just got a message from him that said, “Just got my new phone!”

The rest of party was spent playing with kids, meeting new people and hanging with the familiar. I was debating on whether or not to stay the night and just get up super early and go straight to work but it is never worth it. So, a few friends of mine and I jumped on the 9:45 ferry and we got into Penn Station at midnight. We were all exhausted from the day and we barely had the energy to hug each other goodbye and I couldn’t get a cab and so I walked home. I took my time walking home because I had so much to be thankful for. I was back in the city that I love. I had such a fun weekend and I was excited to see what the week ahead will bring.

We can’t predict the future. That is actually something that I am glad that none of us have the capability of having. Could you imagine never being pleasantly surprised when something unexpected happens or knowing every good or bad thing that will happen to you? The places that we all will go in life is about learning, growing, falling down and picking ourselves back up again. So, I leave you with one of the quotes from, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” for it couldn’t be more true for each day that we live:

“So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

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