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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

First Impressions

In the psychology world, it is said that a, First Impression, is the event in which a person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. It has also been proven through research that, in the first milliseconds of our first meeting someone we already have perceived someone or something and …

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Silver Lining

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” A proverb created to force us to look on the brighter side of any situation when life throws us those nasty curve balls. There are millions of theories, belief systems and even TV channels all dedicated to helping us take life’s lemons and turn them into lemonade. Yet, with …

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3, 2, 1 Contact

As kids there was little show in the 80’s that was geared toward teaching children the fundamentals of science, it was called, 3, 2, 1 Contact. Personally, I never cared for science; it simply goes way above my head. However, I got to thinking over this past weekend about human contact. Science is something that …

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Ralph Waldo Emerson was an early nineteenth century poet and one of his rather famous quotes was, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” I can’t help but wonder if good old Ralph was also a single person on his journey to find true love and therefore wrote this quote as a way to help …

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