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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

They say that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” which translates to us knowing that beauty is subjective. Each and every single one of us has some sort of beauty whether that is from within or blatantly put out there for the entire world to see. However, when we think of beauty we …

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V is for Vulnerability

Whenever we see or use the word, vulnerable, it is usually associated with negativity. Mainly because it is giving off a sense of weakness, like animals in the wild and the smaller, weaker ones usually getting attacked first. As they say, life is like a jungle where we are constantly having to protect and defend …

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When we were children, from as early as we can remember there were so many things that would frighten us. We feared the boogie man underneath our bed, we were scared from being bullied on the playground and like most kids; you feared your parents from punishing you. Now that we are adults, you never …

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The Return to Innocence

Two weeks ago I was on my way to Phoenix to see my family for a long weekend. I hadn’t seen them since the holidays and I was just missing my young nieces so badly that the trip was kind of a last minute decision on my part. The entire weekend was a whirlwind but …

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