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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Back and Forth

The world we live in is constantly moving and with all that movement sometimes in our lives we can feel like we are just spinning our wheels and not really going anywhere. Yet at times, the world moves so fast that we can’t even keep up with it. The minute anything happens in the world, …

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Every single day of our lives we make choices. Sometimes we are fully aware of them and other times we make these choices without thinking. For instance, the route we commute to work each and every single morning is our choice but we don’t even think twice about it because it is part of our …

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If The Shoe Fits

Cinderella, Carrie Bradshaw and Wonder Woman all had one thing in common and that is killer footwear. And coincidentally these ladies were also some of my idols growing up. So, I guess it is no shock to me or anyone else that there is a correlation in my thinking process about shoes and relationships. Cinderella …

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It’s a Battlefield

Pat Benatar sang that famous song of hers, Love Is a Battlefield, but as we get older and our problems become bigger than just heartaches or waiting for the phone to ring, that it isn’t just love that is a battlefield it is life in general that is this great big battlefield. We are all …

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