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It’s About Time

We wait, we anticipate, we work hard, we believe and then it finally happens, those key moments in life that will happen to us all where we are able to say, “It’s About Time.” That job you had been interviewing for months, that dream house you had been saving up for or those pair of shoes that you had your eye on for weeks but had to sacrifice meals in order to afford them (which is usually the case with me). Whatever those key moments in our lives are; we all know that it is rare that these things just fall into our laps. It takes patience, it requires failing sometimes and it just so happens that “time,” which is something that we usually are all racing against can actually be on our side after all.

Last week as we all know was the week of Valentine’s Day. A holiday that I will honestly admit doesn’t really get me going as far as romance goes. Doing something romantic for someone else when it doesn’t require an actual holiday to acknowledge your relationship is far more romantic to me. But I decided to not even think about the holiday for I didn’t even know if anything would be happening for me that day and I honestly wasn’t too concerned if it did or didn’.

On Tuesday, one of my best friend’s knew that I just LOVE the actor, Josh Duhamel and he had a new movie coming out but she managed to get me passes to go for free and so I took full advantage of the offer. I was going to invite Mr. Engineer but I knew he was deeply involved with work and I was also going to ask some friends but I also knew they would hate being dragged to a romantic movie so there I was at the AMC Theatre on 42nd Street; just me, a bunch of woman and the men that were forced to attend because their girlfriends would murder them if they declined. The good thing about seeing a movie by yourself in New York is that no one really cares because it is a scene where the lights are turned off and you can hide whereas going to a dinner by yourself on a Saturday night can leave someone feeling vulnerable or exposed. Once the movie was over with, I was rather relieved that I didn’t bring anyone because the movie was not that good and I wasn’t in the mood to be social for some reason.

By the time Wednesday had rolled around, I was more than ready to embrace the nightlife and see my friends, some that I hadn’t seen in a few weeks which is rare for me. It was Fashion Week in New York which means the city is even more packed with all walks of life and all anyone can talk about is the designers collections and of course, the parties. I was invited by friends of mine and also the designers of the amazing collection, Holst + Lee, http://www.holstandlee.com/. The party was being held at the hot spot, Gold Bar, and more than anything I was just so proud that these two amazing ladies/designers have managed to create such a name for themselves. When I arrived at the bar, the scene was just beginning and there were some friends of mine already there and so began the drinking. I told myself that I couldn’t get too drunk because I had an early morning dentist appointment and the last thing anybody wants to be is hungover and sitting in a dentist chair. The party was a hit, everyone and everybody were there including Russell Simmons and finally around 11:30, I jumped on the subway due to the rain and took myself home.

When I woke up on Thursday all I could think about was how much I was dreading the dentist. Even though it was just a cleaning, I was still dread on having to go. On my way to the dentist appointment, I felt my phone vibrate and I was just assuming that it was a text message from my mother wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day. I was wrong; in fact, I couldn’t have been more wrong because it was Mr. Engineer!!! He was the one sending me a text message and wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day. Now, just a small background on this particular holiday, it had been seven years since someone I was dating, kind of dating or even living with that I had a Valentine. So, I was beyond shocked when I saw Mr. Engineer’s message to me. I wanted to show the text message off to anyone that would listen to me however; the only person that I shared with it at the time was the dental assistant that was cleaning my teeth. She thought it was so cute and so before we even began the cleaning; I told her the story as fast as I could (plus I was delaying from having to sit in that damn cleaning chair). The cleaning went off without a hitch (no cavities ever) and on my way back to the office I replied back to him and thanking him for the sweet message and wishing him a Happy Valentine’s as well. The rest of my day I was just so thrilled to have even received a message like that from him. He never struck me as the type that would even give a shit about this holiday but it just proved to me that I am still learning a lot about this guy.

The rest of the day I continued with work and then around 4pm, I got a message from him and he was just seeing how the day was treating me and finally I asked what he was up doing that night. I knew he would be working so I wasn’t anticipating this message, “I’d love to spend Valentines with you.” We agreed that it would be low maintenance and the timing would be later in the evening due to work but he said he at least wanted to see me. I told him I will pick the place because I knew work was insane for him, so I decided on, Bar Veloce, in Chelsea because it was close to his office and he loves red wine. He showed up around 9:30 and from there he just explained to me about his day and his current project. He even showed me his brother’s acceptance letter to NYU. I just loved how much he was sharing with me, his kisses and that glance you get every now and again during a conversation with someone that you are attracted to. There I was, sitting at a bar drinking wine with a guy I like on Valentine’s Day. My time had finally come. After all those years, literally failing left and right and being as patient as I possibly could be. As the bottle of wine continued to flow, there was a woman next to us that was rather drunk and she leaned over to me and said, “Excuse me. Is that you that smells so good?” She smelled my neck and then asked me to smell her but instead of smelling her neck she wanted me to smell her chest. The poor woman was drunk and her night wasn’t getting any better and so I smelled her chest. She then asked Mr. Engineer if we were dating and if this was our first Valentine’s, I was nervous as to what he was going to say for I didn’t want this drunken woman to scare him away. He responded with, “Yes, this is my date and it is our first Valentine together.” She said we made a cute couple and went back to her friends. As our new drunk friend went back to her friends, Mr. Engineer went on to ask me if I was dating anyone else and I responded with, “No. I am not. Are you?” And he said, “I am not dating anyone else. I am glad to be spending Valentine’s with you and all the time I have is going to work and seeing you. I haven’t even seen my friends in weeks.” So there you have it. A sentence I had wanted to hear from someone that I actually like had finally arrived and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. If the night ended right then and there, I would have been satisfied. It was getting late and we both had work the next day, so he paid the bill and when we hit Seventh Avenue, he put his arm around me and walked toward downtown. He passed by a deli and went in to get some chocolate and we walked, talked and ate the cute little chocolates with hearts on it till we reached 14th and 8th Avenue. His train was heading to Brooklyn with me heading uptown. When we both got on the platform and saw each other from across the way, we both waved at each other and I couldn’t contain my happiness that when I got off on my subway stop, I sent him a message thanking him for such a great evening and he responded with, “Ditto.”

When I woke up on Friday, it was a feeling of joy that I hadn’t felt in quite sometime and all I could think about was how grateful I was to be able to experience that simple of a romantic evening and that I was going to be able to share a positive story with my friends for once. After work on Friday, I went over to Feather’s bosses home over on Madison Avenue and from there we got picked up by another friend to begin our drive to his house for the long weekend. This particular weekend was special because we would be celebrating Feather’s birthday. Sometimes I think that the most fun I have on these weekend trips to the country is the actual car ride up there because we are listening to music, laughing our asses off and updating each other on our lives. We arrived and that night the snow flurries began, the pizza was in the oven and the wine was being poured…heavily. We all got drunk and I even did something that is not in my character, which is that I walked on Feather’s frozen pond. I am not that kind of thrill seeker and maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the atmosphere or my energy but I had a blast playing outside with my friends and the wine, of course.

The next day, we all got up, coffee made its rounds and we began to plan the day. We decided that night we would have a lovely meal and during the day we should all go bowling. I think a few of us had too many glasses of wine from the night before to be able to bowl properly but we pushed through. After the delicious meal, we all cuddled up and watched a movie before all passing out.

Sunday was freezing and no one wanted to leave the house but we pushed through and while others were ice skating on the frozen pond, I kept my shoes on and did a few spins here and there before retiring back to the house for some hot chocolate. We played games and had another delicious meal before ending with ice cream and a movie. All in all this weekend was just spent relaxing with friends, being silly and recharging the batteries.

Yesterday on the drive back, I began texting with Mr. Engineer to see how his weekend was and how his project went. He said he was sick and under the weather but that he will tell me all about it once he feels better. As this week begins and I think about how much time factored into my life last week and I know I am not the only one that is racing against time, wishing I had more of it and that other I wish time would just slow down but how we manage our time and how we perceive it, is how we really should measure this time that we are given. Living everyday as if it is our last is fun but can also be reckless but if you know that time is limited and you begin to take chances, think outside the box or even leave your comfort zone than time isn’t necessarily as important because what you are doing is actually living for the moment and not worrying about how time will affect your choices. Isn’t it about time we all let go of time and focus on our moments?


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