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Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Jumping the Gun

Usually when we hear the term, “Jumping the Gun,” we are usually referring to the athletic world when a runner begins the race before the gun is shot or sometimes it is also used when talking about the finance industry when trades are happening before it is made public. Personally, I have never really used …

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It’s About Time

We wait, we anticipate, we work hard, we believe and then it finally happens, those key moments in life that will happen to us all where we are able to say, “It’s About Time.” That job you had been interviewing for months, that dream house you had been saving up for or those pair of …

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The Little Engine That Could (I Think I Can)

Everyone is familiar with the children’s book that is based on teaching children the importance of being optimistic and hard work. Who knew that that book would have such an impact on our lives as adults?  We push ourselves each and every single day of our lives; whether that is in school, on the treadmill, …

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The Future of the Future

As children all we want to do is play on the playground, no care in the world and we don’t even think for one second about what tomorrow will bring. As adults, we are programmed to start saving for the future, to invest our money wisely and to make sure we have a little nest …

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