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Double Your Pleasure

It all started with Noah’s Ark. It began that far back of the importance of being a couple. If you think about it…only the animals that were coupled were allowed onto the ark. I wonder if there was only a single lion would Noah have allowed him on the ark? Since that moment and everything moving forward it is all about whether or not there is two of something. The real kicker is that our society has us believing that two of everything is better than one. If you really take a hard look around you, you will see that everything comes in two’s and we relish in it. At the office you have you have two phones, one for work and one for personal. We aren’t satisfied with one shot of espresso for our cappuccino’s we need to have a double shot. Even the recently retired Hostess Twinkies came in a set of two. Two breasts, two balls, two hands, two feet, two eyes and yet only one heart. It really is a world of two out there and if you are a one…you can often feel like a zero.

This past Monday, after work, I decided to do a long run along the Westside Highway and as I came closer to my apartment I was stopped by this woman. I was sweaty, my headphones on and really wasn’t in the mood to be bothered. As I pulled my headphones out of my ear to listen to what this woman had to say, she said, “I know you are a single. Let me help you become a couple.” She had this crazy accent and as I looked at where she came from, she came outside of her apartment/psychic store front. I was shocked that this psychic (I use that term loosely) would actually stop someone that was clearly not in the mood but she literally came out of her apartment to single me out and offer her assistance. I snapped at her and told her that I didn’t need her help whatsoever and thanks but no thanks. I ran upstairs to my apartment and got ready to meet my friends at Brother Jimmy’s on 32nd Street. I was meeting my friends there for we were all heading to the Madonna concert at Madison Square Garden. Now, I know I just mentioned how there is two of everything and it just so happens this past week, I was going to do two of everything. That included seeing Madonna not only this past Monday but also this past Tuesday as well.

As you know, two Sunday’s ago, I had my first date with Mr. D. and it was a rather entertaining date. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to double up my pleasure (since it was the theme of the week) and we agreed to go on another date. We had been emailing and texting all week long and both were actually looking forward to seeing each other again, so we decided on Thursday for our second date. He wanted to do something “fun.” So I knew that meant not the typical dinner/drinks or dinner/movie. I needed to step it up just a tad but also seeing that this was only date two, you can’t go too crazy. So, I did some research and settled on the bowling. He instantly loved the idea and suggested we meet beforehand for dinner and drinks.

Thursday after work and I am squeezing in a quick workout and rushing home to get ready. I asked him to pick me up on the corner of my block since I figured I might be running just a few minutes behind, which I was. He called and said he accidentally went too far while he was walking to my corner and I gave him directions on how to make his way to me. Second dates are odd; you never know how you are going to be greeted. Is it going to be a hug? A hand shake or a kiss? Luckily, for me, I was greeted by a kiss and a hug (doubling my pleasure). We started our walk down Ninth Avenue and began our search for a place to eat. We settled on ViV, a semi-new Thai restaurant on Ninth Avenue and 48th Street. One great quality that Mr. D. has is manners, something that I find extremely sexy. He always holds the door open for me, makes sure that I am seated first at the dinner table and when it comes to conversations not just having it about him but wanting to know about me as well. We ordered some fancy drinks and began a rather nice meal with me ending up telling my story of how I moved to New York. By the time I was done telling that long story, the meal had been finished and paid for. After dinner, we walked a few more blocks down and over to the new Bowlmor Bowling alley on 44th Street.

Bowling on a date can be a mixed bag. You are showcasing a side of you that you normally don’t present, including the ugly bowling shoes. As we waited in line to get our bowling lane, it dawned on me how much fun I am having already. There had not been one awkward silence moment, I didn’t have any crazy hiccups (okay maybe one or two but that is pretty good for me) and I was excited to bowl with Mr. D. As we got in the elevator to go to the third floor, it was just the two of us inside and I was secretly wishing that he would plant a nice kiss before we got out of the elevator. Well, someone up above was listening to my wish, for that is exactly what he did. We got our shoes and our lane but before we settled into the bowling, a pitcher of Blue Moon was needed. So now, we ready to begin. It wasn’t until after my second turn at the lane that my competitive side came out and I wanted to win so badly. I ended up winning the first game, he won the second and I was not going to just let it be a split between the two of us. We looked at each other and said, “One more.” It was a nail biting game with him winning by one point. One fucking point! Damn it!

After the game, it was about 11 o’clock and we agreed that maybe just one more drink and we would call it a night. So we found ourselves back on Ninth Avenue and at first I was going to take him to the Ninth Avenue Saloon but that was too crowded so we settled on the bar, Barrage. A bar that I always forget about but there was a time when that bar was very happening. Since he had paid for the Blue Moon at the bowling alley (and it should be noted that his manners even with the beer was fantastic. He was always making sure that my glass had beer in it), I decided to get the round of beers at Barrage. We found a seat and about two sips into our beers he just gave me a rather passionate kiss and when he pulled away he said, “I just wanted to make sure we did that before the night ended.” Smooth moves. After our beers, we got our coats and I walked him to 50th Street and 8th Avenue so he could take the train back to Brooklyn. Another kiss goodbye and I walked home with a huge smile on my face.

The next morning I got up and packed only comfortable clothes, for I would be going to a friend of mine’s house in upstate New York to celebrate his birthday. The weekend would consist of a couple of couples, my friend who’s birthday it was (his partner was away on a business trip) and myself. I had a feeling that I should pack light and sure enough I received a text from my friend that said, “Pack lightly girl.” My friends really do know me. I knew that most of our attire would consist of track pants and that is exactly what I packed and one pair of jeans. As we all packed into the SUV, our trip to upstate New York began. One can only imagine what the topics of conversation are when you pile six queens on a road trip. They pretty much consist of the following: Madonna, dates, food, booze, Madonna, sex, friends, Facebook status updates and Madonna.

As we arrived at our destination and began to unpack, we all weren’t even there but fifteen minutes before all of us were in our sweats. Wine was opened, music was on and the cooks were in the kitchen serving up a delicious meal. I often think about how amazing it is that no matter what scenario we find ourselves in, our friends never run out of things to talk or laugh about. As the wine was continuing to flow and the dishes were in the dish washer thus began our tribute to Madonna by watching videos of her from Youtube on the TV. I was the first to fade and found myself in bed by 3 a.m. while the rest of the crew began to fall off one by one.

The next morning, waking up only to a slight wine hangover, we began our day. We all needed to get ready rather quickly (hence why my friends all informed me that I only was allowed ten minutes to shower and get ready) for we had grocery shopping to do for dinner that night. I am one that is not too familiar with what goes on inside a grocery store; I went with my friend to shop while the others continued to get ready. We separated to make the trip go faster and this cute little store was beyond friendly, I was asking customers in the store what whipping cream was and where I could find it and they were all so sweet, before I knew it I had my friend, customers and coworkers of the store, helping me find this whipping cream. After the grocery store experience, we all go into town and have brunch at this quaint place called, Gigi’s. It wasn’t long before we had bonded with our waitress and the bottle of proseco was ordered. After another bottle of bubbles and the bill settled, we ran a few more errands and back to the house, back into our sweats and back into the kitchen we all went.

It gives me great pride to tell you all how talented my friends are in the kitchen. We were lucky enough to experience not two but several courses of homemade food that ended with a chocolate cake that was made from scratch (even I contributed to the baking). Many bottles of wine and beer later our evening started to end on the early side. Granted, everyone worked very hard in the kitchen from the early afternoon till the evening and the exquisite food put us all into an acoma. Once again, I was the first to call it a night and was in bed by midnight with the others not too far behind me. After almost eleven hours of sleep later, we all got up and began cleaning the house and packing up to head back to the city.

The ride back was just as equally enjoyable and the topics pretty much stayed on par. During the drive back, I was texting with Mr. D.  for we had tentative plans for meeting up later that night but there was a part of me that wanted to actually meet him later in the week for I just wanted to do laundry and have some “me” time. It was actually a good thing for he invited me tonight to an opera burlesque show that one of his friends is performing in. I am not sure what to expect since I have never been to one of these style of shows before but it certainly is a way perk up a Monday evening. However, the nicest part so far is when Mr. D. said via text, “This way we can hang out before I leave for Thanksgiving.” So, tonight I will be seeing him, meeting some of his friends for the first time and seeing what this show is all about.

As I was walking to work this morning, I received an email alert from a company that was promoting a Singles Event. However, the catch was that it is for “double” tickets (delete). There it is again, “double.” Knowing that Thanksgiving is a few days away and we all will be partaking in “double” servings of food, desserts and booze, instead of saying what we are all thankful on the actual day, maybe we should all take the time this week to “double” up on letting your loved ones know what you truly are grateful for in your life and it probably will make the experience of the holiday even more special.

So, I will go ahead and start the trend for “doubling” up my gratitude…I am thankful for all you readers out there that continue to support this blog and my journey as a writer. I am thankful for my friends for without them I would be NOTHING. I am thankful for my family for as crazy as they are, I wouldn’t trade them in for anything (well maybe front row tickets to Madonna). I am thankful for my health, my home, my career, the city of New York and my eternal search for that great love. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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