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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I think everyone knows the famous movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, staring the gorgeous actress, Audrey Hepburn.It is famous on so many levels. It brought to life in the fashion world what probably goes down as the most iconic LBD (Little Black Dress). Apart from the fashion, it also introduced the world to the beautiful song by Henry Mancini entitled, Moon River. The opening scene alone of this movie is enough to get anyone sucked in if they are watching it for the first time or if they have seen it a million times (guilty). If you have never seen it, here is the opening scene for your viewing pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JfS90u-1g8

From the minute the yellow taxi cab drops Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly,  off on the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and she walks closer to the store in her gorgeous strands of pearls, her  hair perfectly in an updo and that dress…you know you are in for a classic. However, as the movie progresses you discover that this character has ran away from her small town life for the big city where anything and everything is possible. Last week, when the city was going through the nor’easter, I decided to crawl under the covers and watch this movie for the millionth time and it struck me that like we all might have a little Holly Golightly in us. I mean, it is rare that you find someone that is actually born and raised in Manhattan. Manhattan is a place where people come to find themselves, whether that be for a career, adventure or to fall in love.

It has now been sixteen years in my stint here in the city and I can honestly say; I can do it for another sixteen. I ran away from my small town life and found my home…here. However, even a city as big as Manhattan, sometimes you need to get away, recharge your batteries and actually miss your home. Which is exactly what I did this past weekend, after the past week of everyone trying to get their lives back to normal after the hurricane I, like so many others out there, found myself rather depressed. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was wrong; I just knew that I was “off.” So, I contacted my friend, Feathers and invited myself over to his country house upstate to see if what I needed was just some time in the wilderness.

This past Tuesday, was of course, Election Day and I was fortunate enough to have spent it with my close friends. We all gathered at my friend’s apartment in Chelsea for food, wine and nail biting as we watched the polls tally up. However, for me, maybe I was exhausted from all the anticipation or had too many glasses of wine but I laid myself down on the floor in their apartment and ended up passing out. Next thing I know everyone is yelling, screaming and hugging each other. Obama had been announced for another four years and I woke up and was handed a glass of champagne, which I graciously drank and just like that, I was in a cab heading home. The next day, I wasn’t hungover but I still felt like something was not right with me. I was looking forward to the weekend and it couldn’t get here fast enough.

I think part of the reason for my depression was that I was thinking how long it has actually been since I had been on date with someone that I actually liked and it not ending in some disaster that all of you readers would get to later laugh at or sympathize with. So, I decided to put myself back out there and see what was out there and began fishing for a date. Turns out, someone was out there and took the bait. As Friday finally came around, I was all packed and ready to head to Feather’s house. When visiting the house, you must realize that you will be losing all cell service and so on the two and half hour drive there, you must get all your emails, text messages and phone calls out of the way for it will be awhile before you communicate with the rest of the world again. On the drive, I confirmed my date with Mr. D. We met on OKCupid and over the course of the last week had some rather wonderful emails and finally in his last email to me he wrote “Before we end up writing a novel to each other, how about we meet?” We settled on this past Sunday evening and well you will just have to keep reading in order to find out how the date went but first the weekend in the country…

The ritual when going to Feather’s house is on the drive up there you figure out the menu for the weekend. I suggested that we get a ham, carrots, and potatoes and have ourselves a nice little mini feast. We all were in agreement and I was looking forward to our meal on Saturday. When visiting I always like to clean the house while Feathers and his partner are outside lifting rocks, building fences and doing dirty things. So, I have the music going, I am cleaning and in my element. However, this trip was different for me. I didn’t think about one damn thing back in the city. Not even once. I was happy, I was laughing and it was so invigorating; I was starting to feel like myself again. As I was doing a once over of all the groceries for dinner, I noticed we were missing one important thing…my Hawaiian rolls!!!! I love those damn things and so I called in the boys and we went back into town for the rolls. I wanted to do something special for the boys while they were out there working their asses off, so we had gotten those Tollhouse already made chocolate chip cookies and while Feathers has warned me on more than one occasion to not touch a lot of things in the house for fear that I will break them…I was going to bake damn it. So, I had to get a cookie sheet out of cupboard and it was jammed in there. So I got down on my knees and began a tug of war with the cookie sheet and it was caught on some utensil thingy that I believe you use to cover your pan when cooking bacon so the grease doesn’t splatter all over the place. Suffice to say, I got the cookie sheet out of the cupboard but at a price. I not only broke that grease protection thingy but also cut my finger! The cookies actually turned out but then came time for dinner. My only responsibility was to warm up my Hawaiian rolls. So, I put them on the same cookie sheet that I had the tug of war with earlier, put them in the oven and so somehow, someway, my rolls ended up turning into croutons. No one ate them and I was mocked that I can’t even warm up rolls.

Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling relaxed. I had a wonderful sleep, the house was clean and since I was the first to wake up. I enjoyed my book and some delicious coffee as the lake glistened outside. Peace was the only word that could best describe the moment I was experiencing. After a few hours of everyone doing things around the house, we all packed it up and headed back to the city. Once I got cell service, I got confirmation from Mr. D. on our date and he told me that he was looking forward to it and truth was…so was I. So, I was dropped off right in front of my apartment and upstairs I went to unpack and get ready for my date. While I couldn’t show up to the date in a LBD like Holly Golightly, I opted for a nice black sweater plus the black color would hide some of that Hurricane Sandy weight that most of the east coast had gained.

I suggested we meet at my favorite wine bar, Lela Bar at 7:30. Even though I was running five minutes late, he was just a few minutes behind me. Before, I walked in I did my mantra of “Hope for the best. Expect nothing,” took a deep breath and opened the door. I was happy to see that a little jazz band was playing in the corner. There was something in the air last night. I wasn’t anticipating the worse. In fact, I was telling myself that this date was going to be fantastic. Just as I was finishing my thought, I didn’t even see him walk in and when I looked up from my menu there he was. He was more handsome than his photos and when he smiled and introduced himself I knew I was going to have fun. We looked at the menu and agreed on a bottle of white wine from New Zealand. He is not only handsome but a great conversationalist. He asked questions about my life and I did the same. We have some things in common and everytime he went to the restroom, he would come back and put his hand on the small of my back and say things like “What a great spot you chose,” or “I am having such a great time.”  Of course in our conversation, I saw two red flags, I mean, let’s be real, there has to be something wrong nothing is ever perfect. The first being that he JUST moved to the city, it is a big rule for me, for living in New York City is totally different than visiting. He has been here a million times since he lived in Boston but again, this city is a like a candy store and like a kid you will want to sample everything. The second red flag is that he confessed that he doesn’t want children. I wasn’t too deflated with that news but again, this is just the first date and I told myself to enjoy the moment and not worry about the future. Little did I know what the future was going to be holding for me in about another hour or so into this date.

After we polished off our bottle of white wine, he suggested that I have a glass of red wine and he was going to have a beer (we are mixing booze now) and during our mixing of alcohol he told me how much he loves Mexican food and was getting kind of hungry and wanted to go out to dinner after our drinks. Seeing that we were on Hudson Street, my brain could only come up with us walking over to, Tortilla Flats. We paid the bill and as we stood up to leave, I noticed that I was already starting to feel the alcohol plus I didn’t realize just how tall he is (6’3)! As we walked up Hudson, I let the crisp air do its magic and try to sober me up so that I didn’t say anything stupid or worse…trip while walking.  However, my hiccups started to act up and he found it endearing and by the time we go to Perry Street, he pulled me close and kissed me. I can’t even remember when the last time was that a guy kissed me and I felt my knees begin to buckle. I wasn’t sure if it was my state of being tipsy, him kissing me passionately or the fact that I was having such a wonderful time but I didn’t care who was looking. I went with it.

When we got to the restaurant, I was wondering if I should continue to keep drinking but when you go to the Mexican joint you can’t NOT have a margarita. So, the host sat us down and Mr. D. immediately suggested we get some drinks, I should have gone with a simple beer but our waitress suggested we get a pitcher of margaritas (more mixing). As we were looking at our menus, this particular restaurant gives you a shot whenever you answer a trivia question correctly. Turns out that both myself and Mr. D. are rather bright for we each won ourselves shots. So now, if you are keeping track, we have drank white wine, red wine (beer for him), sharing a pitcher of margaritas and we just did a shot of tequila each. I needed food and fast. Our waitress was so sweet, she was convinced that Mr. D. and I had been dating forever and asked “When are you guys getting married?” I thought that was going to make him uncomfortable, instead he laughed and went with it. Maybe it was also the fact that he was having his hand on my leg under the table, feeding me a chip and we were laughing our asses off that gave our waitress the indication that this was not our first date.

During the meal, he suggested we meet up again for a second date and given my hectic schedule this week my next free day isn’t until this upcoming Thursday. So, with fingers crossed, candles lit and the dating gods listening to my prayers, we will hopefully be having our second date this week. I told Mr. D. about my writing and this blog and he was rather accepting of it and he even told the waitress about it and she brought me a card to write down my information so she could follow up on this journey. So, to the lovely waitress at Tortilla Flats, if you are reading this, you were amazing to us last night. We paid the check and before we left, our waitress provided us with ANOTHER tequila shot. We both did it and I just knew that what I needed next was to get to bed before I lost all of my Tortilla Flats. We walked to 14th Street and Eighth Avenue where he would be taking the L train and I would be going back to Hell’s Kitchen. I can’t remember if we held hands but I do know that we kissed a bunch more and just like that, the first date was over.

This morning, I walked a different route to the office. I walked to 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, stood right in front of the Tiffany’s store and did my best to clear my thoughts and get ready for the week ahead. I thought about how thousands of people each day come to this amazing city in hopes of changing their lives forever, just like Mr. D. is doing now. While we all can’t have our Breakfast at Tiffany’s, we all can do our best to find ourselves, exactly like Holly Golightly did in the movie. She found a man that fell in love with all her quarks, her odd behavior and even her cat.

We all know that we don’t need another person to complete us, however, it certainly doesn’t hurt to let someone into our world. A wonderful friend of mine sent me a quote last week by Monique Duval, and it goes, “He offered her the world. She said she had her own.” Maybe this week we can all think about the reasons why we moved where we did, what our next chapters will be and if we are in fact on the right path so that way we can have our Breakfast wherever we like with whomever we wish.

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