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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Step by Step

It has been brought to my attention by reading far too many spiritual books and trying to find the answer to the age old question of, “What is the point of all of this?” that one common thing that all the books, teachings and Oprah reruns are telling us, is that life is about the …

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Seasons Change

While the fall season doesn’t officially begin until this upcoming Saturday, I have accepted that my favorite season, summer…is over. Normally, when summer ends I am melancholy for a few days because I am saying goodbye to so many things that I love so much. Gone are the long days, iced coffee, weekends that seem …

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Everyone remembers their first idol as children. It usually involved a famous sports player, someone on TV, a singer or sometimes your parents but for most of us, it is someone we don’t even know. Just that image we gravitated toward and wanted to BE. We did everything like our idols; we dressed like them, …

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Blow Out Your Candles

Birthdays.  As kids all we look forward to our birthday, that one day a year where it is solely about you and you get gifts, balloons, your parents let you eat as much cake as you want. Yet, as we get older and get passed the ages of 21, 25 and I will even allow …

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