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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

Do The Right Thing

Last week I wrote about “Time” and how it not only affects our lives but how we live by it. This past week I didn’t find myself so concerned with time but rather with doing the right thing. I consider myself to be a rather good person. I follow the rules, I rarely cause any …

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Time After Time

Time. A word that can create chaos/happiness/stress/ bliss and this word, “Time,” actually runs our lives. If you think about it…we base our entire lives on “Time.” Are we running late for work? When does the movie start? We have dating for so long and when will he propose? Or even something as simple as …

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Green Acres Is The Place For…Me?

While I wasn’t born when the show, Green Acres, was televised; I did manage to catch the reruns on TV. I actually loved how in the show Eva Gabor was being dragged from her New York City life to the country life due to her husband’s desires to be a farmer. A decision that I …

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