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The Balancing Act

The art of the balancing act has been going on ever since the 18th century, there was a man named, Robert Cadman who performed his balancing act from 1732 through 1739 when he fell to his death when the rope broke in Shrewsbury, England. When I read about this man, I wondered if there are any similarities between the balancing act itself and the balancing in relationships.

After having a relaxing weekend out in the country last weekend with friends, I knew that the week ahead would be focused solely on my workload. I started the week off with a bang and managed to get two articles out the door and managed a slew of meetings. As the week progressed, so did the work and the messiness that comes with that. By the time Thursday rolled around, I was beyond ready to be social.

That Thursday I went to an old coworkers going away party at Emerald Pub, not a fancy place but the drink specials are not to be ignored and I was there for my friend and to wish her good luck on her next adventure. It was nice to see the old coworkers but at the same time, it is nice to know that you made the right decision to move on. After a few beers, I needed to leave for I had to get out one more thing for work before passing out, so I said my goodbyes and got my shit done.

Once Friday arrived, I knew it was going to be another busy day at work but I didn’t care for I knew the weekend ahead was going to be amazing. Last Sunday after we got back from the country, Mr. Architect and I agreed that on Friday we needed to have a “date night.” We hadn’t really had any one on one time due to all the things we have going on in our social calendars, so when we noticed that on Friday our calendars were free, we jumped on it. During the week, I suggested we go to my favorite wine bar in the city, Lela Bar and afterwards we could do dinner somewhere. He was totally open to the idea since he never had been there and so I told him to meet me at the wine bar at 7pm.

When I arrived at Lela Bar, he was already there waiting for me. I actually managed to get off work, go home to shower and change and make it all the way back downtown in time; I was actually quite impressed with myself. It was nice to see him again since it had been several days and there was a part of me that was worried that this was our first alone time in awhile and what if we were only good when we were surrounded by our friends. What if he had nothing to say to me or what if he found me boring? We ordered a bottle of white wine and after the first glass, I was calm and he was relaxed. It was official…the “date night” had begun.

Once the bottle of wine was done, the bill was paid and off to dinner we went…hand in hand. Earlier in the week, Mr. Architect told me that he took the liberty of making reservations at this restaurant in Soho. I later told him that it was such a turn-on when a guy takes the lead and makes the reservations. We ended up at this cute place on Spring Street called, Piccola Cucina. Another bottle of wine, appetizers and entrées and it was all just perfect. After dinner, we walked over to his office for he needed to pick up his things to bring back to my apartment for the weekend. Once we got back to my apartment, we were both so exhausted from the week and probably the bottles of wine that we both fell fast asleep.

I woke up on Saturday morning energized and ready to begin the day. As he was still asleep, I went on to do laundry and hit the gym. By the time I got back from the gym, he was already showered and went downstairs to the deli to grab us some coffee. I looked at the clock and noticed it was only 11 am; we had hours to go before we needed to get ready for my friend’s birthday party and we both had no errands to run so I was at a loss of what to do with myself. It was also Mr. Architect’s first brush with my need to constantly be moving and not liking to just “sit and relax.” I was never good at just watching a movie on the couch unless I was sick and so, we did it. We ordered a movie on Pay Per View and at first it was hard for me to grasp that it was a Saturday morning, I had done all my errands and now I was just “relaxing” on a couch watching a movie, when usually I would be out and about. I did my best with watching the movie; I needed a magazine with me so that I could be doing something else at the same time. After the movie, we both decided to take a nice walk in Central Park and there I was able to finally calm myself down. We were being active and enjoying the city.

After the walk in the park, we stumbled upon a diner style restaurant on the Upper West Side and decided to have a nice lunch, it would be the last food we would have all day and night but it was worth it. During lunch it was there that I confessed my obsession to be constantly in movement to which he replied, “I noticed you tend to move around all the time, which is fine and totally ok.” After that, we just began to laugh at how opposite we both are. Every time a song came on the radio that was playing in the restaurant, he would end up liking it and I would end up saying how terrible it was. It was quite comical after awhile. Once we left the restaurant, it was time to head back to my apartment and begin to get ready for my friend’s party.

The theme for my friend’s party was, Prohibition, any chance to dress up for a party is alright by me. Mr. Architect looked so cute in his get-up and I looked like a cast member for the show, Newsies. Before we went to the party, I needed to pick up something very important and that would be my friend, Feathers. I had no idea if Feathers was going to dress up in drag or not (I was hoping that the answer would be yes) and lucky for me and everyone else; the bitch was all in drag and with lights in the costume as well. We cracked open a bottle of proseco and finished up our costumes before heading over.

This party was being held at a Speak Easy place, I had never been to one of these before. It was so cool, you walked into this place that looked like a coffee shop and next thing you know, the person at the door saw us and knew we were not there for a cup of joe and turned the door to this secret bar called, the Bathtub Gin. It was stunning and the atmosphere was perfect. As soon as we walked in, Feathers took center stage with being photographed and I took that opportunity to hit the bar with Mr. Architect. As the party began to swing into full gear, that is when my very own balancing act began and I realized all that I was juggling. I was bouncing all over the party, with introducing myself to new comers; I was talking to my old friends and also making sure that I spent time with Mr. Architect. At one point in the night, I told him that I am sorry I am bouncing all over the place and he just said, “It is ok, I keep noticing that you are checking up on me.” I was never and probably will never be a person that holds the person I am seeing hand’s and stay attached at the hip. It is a party and parties are meant to mingle. Which was what we all did for hours on end but the best part of the night for me was seeing him being approached by my friends and him even going up and chatting away with everyone. After the party was winding down, we all decided to take the party over to Feather’s apartment and there we just continued with the music and drinking and of course there was everyone wanting to try on Feather’s costumes. It was almost 3am when we decided to call it a night; we walked the birthday girl to a safe place and grabbed a cab home.

Yesterday we woke up having slept in later than I normally do and we had breakfast across the street. After breakfast, Mr. Architect had some work of his own he needed to do and I was meeting a friend later, so we said our goodbyes and he thanked me again for a wonderful weekend. It was the perfect balance of a weekend, we managed to get our alone time in and also see my friends. Before he left, he gave me a hug that made me feel special and a kiss on my forehead that told me he wasn’t lying about how he had such a great time with me.  When he left, I got ready and met up with a friend for a much needed iced coffee to discuss her dating strategy. After that, I dragged my tired ass home, took a cool shower and began writing for the week. I was in bed by 10 pm for I knew I would have a busy week ahead. When I woke up this morning, there was an amazing email from Mr. Architect telling me again what a great weekend he had with me, with my friends and how while we were are opposite he is still having a great time with me. It was just the perfect way to start the week off.

The balancing act itself is quite dangerous but can also be very rewarding once you get to the other side of that wire. As my own personal balancing act continues on with Mr. Architect, I can’t help but find myself becoming more and more aware of each step I take on this relationship wire and looking forward to seeing what is on the other side.

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