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West to East

They say that the travel time moving from the west coast to the east coast moves faster due to having a tail wind on the aircraft which gives the aircraft a greater ground speed than when traveling east to west with a head wind. That theory was certainly what I was banking on when leaving L.A. back to New York last week.

My trip to L.A. was less than thrilling for me. Granted, I was there for work and not for pleasure and when I had been there before for vacation, it was fun. Being there for work left me feeling so relieved that I lived in New York. On my last evening in L.A., I decided to take one more stroll through Santa Monica Boulevard and park my ass at a bar called, Micky’s.  This bar had outside seating, so I had all my armor with me. I had the phone, a book and decided that since the weather was still warm to have a nice cold beer. I was minding my own business when an older gentleman came up to me and at first said his hello and knew I was not from around there and also asked where I was from. At first he came across as nice but then he just paused and asked how much I would charge him for a blow job. This man thought I was a hooker!!! I was so pissed off that I gave him a much deserved, “Fuck you,” and I grabbed my stuff and hailed a cab back to my hotel room. I was officially done with being on the west coast.

The next morning, I had time to kill between checking out of my hotel and my flight, so I decided do some tourist stuff and made a pit stop at a store. My first stop was to walk through the lobby of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I just had to take a peak and visit the hotel from the movie, Pretty Woman. I instantly felt like I did not belong there and was there only for a few minutes before I dashed out. My final stop was a store where the wedding ring of my dreams is at. Most of my friends know that I do this in Manhattan. Where I go to this store on Madison Avenue and sit down and they treat me like a princess and I try on my wedding ring. This time, I decided to make an appointment in L.A. right off of Rodeo Drive. They weren’t as friendly to me at this location but I still managed to have a good fifteen minutes of small talk and admiring my ring. Trust me, as I write this, I know how pathetic I am coming across but I don’t care. I like that damn ring!

Shuttle Bus to LAX was right on track with picking me up.  I was at the airport on time and actually with time to spare. As I was standing in line for airport security, everyone was passing through with no drama. By the time they get to me, I was, what they called, “randomly selected.” So, here I was thinking I had time to spare when now I am put in a separate room where they swiped some weird object across my fingers, put it under some machine. I was clean. Then they went through all my toiletries and suitcase and by the time they were done with me, I had just fifteen minutes to catch my flight. Luckily, this flight had no bloody finger involved and I couldn’t even fall asleep on the flight for many reasons. I was so excited to be heading back to the city and I was also happy that the next day I would be seeing Mr. Architect.

Friday morning I woke up and I could barely contain myself. I knew it was the actual forecast for that day but I felt that I was the only one who didn’t have a cloud in the sky and that the sun was beaming down so brightly on. I had to stop in my office, even though I was off that day, to pick up some stuff and I was so fucking giddy that I found myself almost skipping down Sixth Avenue. I grabbed my stuff from the office and got back in time to my apartment, for Mr. Architect was picking me up at noon. My buzzer went off at exactly noon, he was right on time. Of course, I wasn’t quite ready yet but the minute he walked through my door, I knew the rest of the weekend was going to be amazing, no matter what. We embraced and off to Penn Station we went for we were going to the beach house on Fire Island for a long weekend.

To get to Fire Island require many means of transportation, subways, trains, vans and ferries and while most of it can be rather stressful with all the transferring; the minute you get on the ferry and you cross the water to the island your entire week just washes away. You are officially on vacation and you are ready for the drinks, the laughter and the dinners to commence. However, this was the first time in many years that I was bringing someone that I am seeing to my house. It was the first time that I rode the ferry with a guy whose arm was around me the entire time. As the ferry docked to the harbor, I was ready to see my friends and get the weekend going.

We get to the house and I show Mr. Architect the view of the beach, etc.  and I can tell, even he is happy and relaxed. Our housemates make our first drink of the evening and we are ready to go. We do the normal routine of hitting up Tea and seeing everyone and then back to the house for dinner. After dinner, the entire house, including Mr. Architect, grabs the water taxi to Cherry Grove for we would all be partaking in the Underwear Party. The Underwear Party is just as it sounds. It is a party where everyone that goes, must be in their underwear only, while dancing and drinking, of course. I wasn’t sure if Mr. Architect would be interested in participating in something like this but by the time I turned around, there he was, standing in his underwear ready to go. All of us dance our asses off and finally it was time for us to go back to the Pines. However, instead of waiting for all my friends to get it together, Mr. Architect and I leave and take a nice walk along the beach. The moon was out, we were holding hands the entire time and I had no clue what time it was and I didn’t care. We get home and two minutes later the rest of the housemates show up and that is where we all eat and drink some more till almost 5 a.m.

The next day consisted of us lying by the pool, playing in our heels and of course…drinking. The same even goes for Sunday. I was so impressed at how my friends throughout the entire weekend pulled me aside and said how much they like Mr. Architect and even said how happy I looked. At one point during one of the teas, a friend of mine told him how much they like him and welcomed him to our family. Later on, he told me what my friend had said to him and I just hugged him for it made me feel so happy to know this. To know that my friends are not only telling me these things about him but on their own accord are telling him the same thing.

There were many moments this past weekend where I saw him talking with my friends with such ease, he even got a little sassy at moments and it was hilarious. He was coming out of his shell and he later confessed to me that he was having such a great time and that he truly enjoys all of my crazy ass friends. At one point, one of my friends said to me, with him standing right next to me, something about us being “boyfriends.” I felt like all of the sudden things went into slow motion with me looking at my friend saying, “No. You did not just say that.” But when I asked him if that word, “boyfriend,” bothered him, he said that it didn’t at all. With all this confession of him having a great time and enjoying my friends, he did take time out to tell me how much he likes me, how he enjoys looking at me and while it makes me nervous when people stare at me, he just said, “Well, you better get used to it from me.” This is one of the first times in seeing someone that I really don’t have to think about whether or not the other person likes me or not. There is that sense of confidence that I haven’t really experienced before. Maybe it is coming from maturity or maybe it simply is that we are a better fit. Either way, I am not questioning it; I am going with the way the wind is blowing this time.

By the time Monday rolled around, I wasn’t 100% ready to get back to the reality of work, etc. but I certainly was ready for some alone time with him. That morning before we got up from bed, he was looking at me with a smile on his face and when I asked why he was smiling, he said, “I just like looking at you and your smile,” and then he went silent and gave me such a big hug. Amazing.

We ended up commuting back to the city just the two of us. Riding the ferry back with him, the sun beating down on us and again, his arm around me the entire time with the wind having a constant presence…it was nature at her finest. We talked about the upcoming weekend and he is all set to see me again and spending time with me and my friends. By the time we got back to the city and said our goodbyes on the 59th Street subway platform, I found myself already missing him, even though we will be seeing each other this Friday. Usually after spending several days in a row with someone, you get that sense of needing some “alone time,” but instead I found myself getting bummed out because I would be sleeping by myself.

Like the wind that moves faster from west to east, I couldn’t help if sometimes that goes with relationships as well. Sometimes relationships move faster and other times it doesn’t move at all but eventually the wind will pick up and cause a shift. For myself and Mr. Architect, things are still in the beginning phase of getting to know each other, nothing has been defined and all I do know is that this wind is moving at a wonderful pace and I eagerly await for the next wind of change.

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