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There are a million spiritual leaders out there that all tell us in one for or another that,  “You get in life, what you put out into the universe.” I have always been somewhat more on the spiritual side than the religious. Sometimes it helps and other times we question why we even bother with these belief systems. It is only when the shit hits the fan in our lives that we begin searching for “help, “guidance,” and “direction.” It is rare that when things are wonderful in your life that you actually stop to take the time to give gratitude to the same universe that you were asking for help with when life wasn’t so wonderful.

As I am in the shower gearing up for another day of life, I always tend to take the time to give thanks for the day ahead. Even though I have no idea what the day will bring and also I feel it is important to show appreciation for the day prior. Today was no different than any other morning to get ready for work. Except this time, my shower took even longer than normal. I wasn’t in a mad rush to get to work, mainly because I had so much to be grateful for and I wanted to make sure that not only I heard it and believed it but that the universe was listening as well.

You see, this past week so much has happened to me. I guess they only real way to tell this story is to start from the top, so here we go…Last Monday, I was working and I noticed my cell phone ringing and it was from a number that I recognized from speaking a few times before. It was the potential new agency I had a few interviews with for a new job. There were no guarantees that I would get this job. I was nervous to answer but knew that if I let it go to voicemail, I would run the risk of missing my next chapter. So…I answered. The human resources guy said to me on the phone that after only two meetings with them and a unanimous decision that they wanted to extend the offer to me. I was sitting in a glass conference room taking this call while looking out into the current office. I was looking from the glass conference room at some of the employees that I actually like working with, I felt a tinge of sadness. But I know I am making the right choice and hopefully this will be the next step toward something even grander.

That evening, I was already scheduled to have dinner with one of my best girlfriends. This dinner was rather different for me because I was going to be introducing her to Mr. Architect. I suggested to everyone to meet for sushi at, Japonica, right on University Place. He was already waiting for me when I arrived. Big hug and kiss, we take our seats and mere moments later, my girlfriend shows up. During dinner we are sharing stories and getting to know everyone a little bit better. It was also during this dinner that both my girlfriend and Mr. Architect discover my secret for stealing umbrellas. I know it is terrible and wrong on so many levels but I just hate buying new umbrellas and I am constantly losing mine. So fair warning, if you have an umbrella and it is missing, chances are I have it. After dinner, we all said our goodbyes and we walked to the A train. By the time I got off the subway there was a message from my girlfriend saying that she approves of him. Whew. She is a tough sell and he passed with flying colors.

Over the previous weekend, while I was at Feather’s country house, his partner offered an invite to Mr. Architect to join us all to celebrate his partner’s birthday. I was working while at the country house and managed to email Mr. Architect the offer to come and join us for dinner. I was nervous he was going to say no or that he had plans or worse; that he was going to get sick of seeing me three days in a row. Turns out he replied that he was looking forward to it and excited to meet more of my friends.

Tuesday rolls around and we are all set to have dinner at Rosa Mexicana in Union Square. By the time I get there, Mr. Architect is already waiting for me. He looked so handsome with a genuine smile on his face or maybe he was smiling because he was half way done with his margarita. Either way. I didn’t care what the reason was behind the smile, it was directed at me. We briefly updated each other on our days before Feathers and his partner showed up. Soon enough the entire dinner party had arrived and we were ready to be seated.

During dinner and after my second pomegranate margarita, I took a notice around the table and saw that everybody was smiling and enjoying life. It was also at that time that I took notice in myself and found myself smiling as well. I was happy for so many reasons. Turns out, also that day, my third article for Yahoo! got published on top of this job offer, on top of this wonderful meal being shared with friends and on top of having someone next to me that is smiling while looking at me. Something came over me and I just looked at Mr. Architect and said, “I like you.” He looked at me and well…nothing. No words came out of his mouth. Silence. I felt at that moment that I had gone too far and he was going to be running for the exit door. He put his arm around me and gave me a kiss. The rest of the evening was kept in high spirits and everyone had a wonderful time, including the birthday boy.

The next day, I did receive an email from him telling me that not only did he enjoy meeting my friends but that he “likes me too.” He wasn’t sure if he told me (maybe he thought he did, we can blame the margaritas) or not but he wanted me to know that he does in fact, like me. We also had already on the calendar; that he would be coming over that night to my apartment to have his first official sleep over. It would consist of a relaxing evening since we had gone out two nights in a row. I left work a little early, squeezed in a mini workout and then he arrived. It was so nice having him there. I felt extremely comfortable having him in my home and also calm knowing that he was going to stay the night. We sat on the couch, watched t.v. and ordered in take out. Over dinner we had great conversation about sex. It is funny when you begin to open that taboo subject but turns out…he is pretty darn normal. Sigh of relief. We went to bed that night and I slept soundly.

He had to go to work the next day and I had to pack for I was gearing up for my annual trip to Chicago with some of my friends. It has been years since I sent a guy off to work in the morning but it was fine and he kissed me goodbye. I told him we would keep in touch via text and to have a nice long weekend. The minute he left, I was in a mad dash to get everything completed. Gym, haircut, some laundry and all the last minute errands one does to catch a flight. As soon as me and my two other friends made contact in Newark Airport, I knew we were in for some treats. All our problems were left in New York and Midwest bound we were headed. We land, get our luggage and the rental car and I hit the pedal to the metal. Got in rather late that night so we decided to relax and get our rest for we knew the rest of the weekend we would be getting very little sleep.

Next day we get up, showered and off to the suburbs to my friend’s parent’s house we go. We had a lovely meal and some bonding time with all of them. Back to the city, after a pit stop at a grocery store to pick up some booze, we get back to our friend’s apartment where we are staying and cracked the bottles open. Our third friend from New York was coming in that evening so we all drank and waited for his arrival. Once he arrived, we all got ready and off to Boystown we go. There is something totally different about the bar scene in the Midwest. Yes, the bars close at 2 a.m., which is unheard of here in the city. Aside from that, the people that go to these bars are so damn nice. I can’t get over how nice everyone is.  I think we were all tired from our travels and being on the go, for we didn’t even make it to 2 a.m. before we were in a cab heading home to pass out.

Saturday, we all get up, grab a quick bite to eat and hit up a boat tour that you go around the city and learn about the architecture of the city. While our tour guide, the lovely and talented, Joan, was giving her insights to the city of Chicago. I drifted off and thought I was Julia Roberts in the movie, My Best Friends Wedding. Mainly, because she was on the same kind of boat in the movie touring around Chicago. I snapped out of it quickly and got back to good old Joan. After the boat tour, we did some window shopping and back to the apartment to get ready for round two of going out. This time we did it right. We stayed out late, had a ball and everyone was having a good ass time.

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most. I had us all get up early for the weather was to reach over 90 degrees and sunny. All I wanted to do was go to the gay beach; layout and get some much needed rays of sunshine on my face. To my surprise, we all did an amazing job getting ready to leave for the beach.  Of course, while I am the designated driver on these trips, I do rely on my friends for directions, which I suck royally at. We ended up, after a bit of a walk, in the wrong beach. Back we go and finally find our way to the gay section of the beach, fittingly called, Hollywood Beach.

Towels are laid out, water bottles are filled and a good supply of trashy gossip magazines…we were set. We admired the scenery, the water, and the conversation. It was just what we ALL were in need of.  After the beach, we all head home and began to get ready for round three of going out. However, this time with getting ready, things weren’t going to go according to plan. We were all looking forward to going out to dinner and from there we would hit Boystown again for our final performance. We were all ready to go, just needed a few minutes, when I see this object on the kitchen counter. It was this little black tube that was hanging on a key chain. My first thought was, “Wow, this is a genius idea to have a room freshener on a keychain.” I mean, how genius is that? You go into a smelly room, pull out your little black tube, one press of the button and bam! You have a nice smelling room. Turns out, this little black tube on a keychain is NOT a room freshener. I gave it a spray into the air and I began to wave the air toward my face. Nothing. I didn’t smell a thing, a friend of mine saw the mist in the air and asked me to do it again. I sprayed it again and that is when it hit. I just pepper sprayed myself!!!!! It was instant. I began coughing uncontrollably, then my friend began coughing and next thing I know the entire house is coughing, crying and can’t even breath. I had officially contaminated my friend’s apartment. We all ran out to the terrace to collect our next move. Luckily, we were all ready to go to dinner. Emergency evacuation. We ran toward the door, held our breath and once outside, again, began coughing feverishly. Pretty much the rest of the night it was jabs at me like, “this kind of stuff only happens to you,” or “at least we had witnesses because no one would believe this, but then again, this is you that we are talking about.” After a delicious Greek meal and tons of water later to nurse our throats off to round three of going out. Between all day in the sun, the meal and of course being pepper sprayed we all were feeling rather exhausted. So one by one we all went home to get rest.

Memorial Day. It was our last day in Chicago. We had brunch and went back to pack. It is always nice to visit but like all trips, it is nice to also be home. In your own bed, your own bathroom and your own city that you can call your very own. Like so many out there, as your taxi cab comes closer to the city and you see the lights twinkle, you actually have such proud moments and it is such an honor to say, “I live here.”

I was also looking forward to coming back to begin my next chapter. I am looking forward to seeing the Architect again, to saying goodbye to this current job and hello to the next one. If it is true and what you get from the universe is an exact reflection of what you put out there. Then I guess the only thing I have left to say to the universe, other than how grateful I am for all that I have been given; is that I have sent the message, I have received it and I am listening loud and clear.


  1. Nicole

    Hi Alex. As always I really enjoyed reading your blog . Congrats on the new job! And “the at hitect sounds fab!” guess who is going to the clubhouse soon?

  2. Uniqulo sells great full-size umbrellas that are pretty sturdy and either $12.50 or $17.50 – I can’t remember which one, but it’s cheap enough you could buy several and bring an END TO YOUR DEADLY UMBRELLA STEALING HABIT. 😉

    I’m going to Chicago at the end of July – I’ll have to pick your brain about how to get to the gay beach – I didn’t even know they had a beach there.

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