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Ride the Wave

Over this past weekend, I came across this amazing quote from one of surfing’s first big-wave pioneers, Buzzy Trent. He said, “Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear.”

It got me thinking about life and the ocean. The similarities are endless. An ocean at times can be calm and moving at a steady pace. While other times the waves of the ocean can be mammoth and you have no idea which way the current is going to go.

This analogy certainly was a reflection of my life and it’s current state. For a while my own personal ocean had been somewhat stagnant. I have my friends and family, my apartment and a somewhat secure job and dating was a constant ebb and flow. However, I felt that there was something missing. I needed to find that next big wave to jump on and ride.

My blog has started to really take off (thank you all for your constant support), my work with www.bounceback.com has been moving at a steady pace and then all of the sudden, a wave began to build and now I am having my work being published on Yahoo! The tide certainly was turning and it seemed liked it was turning in my favor. Never one to sit still and wait for things to just happen, I also began searching for the next chapter in my day-to-day job and at this very moment there are a few interested parties so one can only hope that another big wave is just around the corner.

Things with Mr. Architect have also been going swimmingly. We have been seeing quite a bit of each other and each time we do. We pick up right where we left off. The last time we saw one another was at my friend’s house party, where he not only was a hit with my friends but also was a hit with me. We are just at the beginning phase of getting to know someone where you don’t want that person to leave, you just want to ask more questions and learn everything you possibly can about each other.

This past Monday, all I could think about was how I was going to get all my work done and the fact that he was going to be having dinner with Feathers and I. Feathers, my oldest friend in New York City, someone that helped me learn the city ropes many years ago and that I would always be forever in debt to.

Wednesday arrives and there is something so reassuring to see an email from a guy you are seeing that says, “I am looking forward to meeting your friend.” Once I read that email, the rest of my day consisted of work with a hint of excitement to not only see him but to see him hanging out with my friend. We arrive at Feathers favorite place to eat, the very classy, Dallas BBQ, on the corner of 23rd and 8th Avenue. Mr. Architect is waiting for us both to arrive. I arrive first.  The minute he sees me, he greets me with a kiss and two seconds later, in walks Feathers.

Dinner consisted of the usual, Texas size drinks and introductions into the world of Feathers and myself. Sharing stories with how we first met, the trouble we used to get into and at the same time with Feathers getting to know Mr. Architect. The conversation flowed effortlessly. Not one single awkward moment. Of course, when anyone new comes into the circle, it is the new person’s first bathroom break where you get a two-minute conversation to find out what your friend’s REALLY think of the newest cast member. Turns out, the reviews came in a lot sooner than I was expecting, Mr. Architect had barely left within ear shot for the bathroom and Feathers was sitting across our table telling me, “I really like him. He is so nice and normal.” YES! Already received approval from the Queen Bee herself. As dinner came to a close, I felt like all the stars were aligned. I managed to have a wonderful first meeting with my friend and Mr. Architect. As we said our goodbyes, he walked me all the way from Chelsea to Hells Kitchen, holding my hand the entire time and with a closing text from him before I went to bed, telling me that he had a great time meeting my friend and seeing me.

Up to that point, that would have been the last time seeing him for the rest of the week. I was scheduled to meet Feathers and his partner at their country house in Pennsylvania for the weekend. On Thursday, my day was one of those days where you are amazed at how much you actually can manage to cram in. I was at my day job, in the middle of it; I managed to meet with a potential new venture for a job and as I was walking back to my office, I received an email from my editor telling me that my second article for Yahoo! just got published. What an amazing day this was shaping up to be! There was only one person that I wanted to celebrate the positive day with…Mr. Architect. I knew he was tired from his job, as he was putting in late hours, but I took a risk and sent him a text message asking him to dinner right after work so that we can celebrate everything that was happening. Within an hour, I received a response from him saying he would love to have dinner and would meet me on the corner of 56th/9th at 6:30.

As we walked down Ninth Avenue in search of an Italian restaurant, we stumbled upon this tiny authentic place called, Caramia, on Ninth Avenue between 45th and 46th Street.  As we were seated, it just felt nice and relaxing. I didn’t feel that I needed to be “on” and there was a certain sense of calmness in the air. We raised our glasses of white wine and cheered to all the possibilities that are happening at the moment. I also took that time to thank him for even coming out to dinner with me on such short notice. He just smiled and I knew by his facial expression that he was happy to be there as well.  During our meal, we continued to learn more about each other. It was there that I learned he does want a child or maybe even two. It was a topic that apparently we covered on a first date but somehow I managed to have forgotten (damn margaritas). Regardless of my memory lapse, it was really nice to hear from the guy that I am crushing on that he also wants some of the same things in life that I want. As dinner wrapped up, I knew that we were both on the same exact wave and we were coasting away. He walked me home and kissed me goodbye.

On Friday, I sent Mr. Architect an email thanking him again for coming out on a whim to have dinner with me and that I hope he has a wonderful weekend while I was away in the country.

My trip to the country house was just what the doctor ordered. I was able to bang out my next article for Yahoo! and finish this blog all while drinking vodka iced tea on a deck that overlooks a private pond and has swans. However, along the way from the city to the country this past Friday, I managed to lose my wallet that had my debit card, credit card and my damn driver’s license.  The real kicker is that I wasn’t even drunk. If I had been drunk when I lost it that would be one thing but to be stone cold sober and lose it. That just pisses me off. It is unfortunate timing for this upcoming weekend, I am going to Chicago with the crew, and I have my work cut out for me with replacing all that I lost (as of now I have replaced my debit card).

As this week begins, I am looking forward to seeing how this wave that I am on rides out. I was telling a friend of mine all the positive and good fortune I have been experiencing and how grateful I am for it all. All she said to me was, “Enjoy this ride you are on. You deserve it.”

As Buzzy said about waves being measured by fear, sometimes fear is exactly what we need in life to push us out of our comfort levels in order to experience things we normally shy away from. Of course, everyone out there has fears of starting a new job, a potential relationship or even actually riding that really intense wave. Like all waves, it will crash, however, it is how you ride the wave that matters most, not when it crashes. If this wave that I am on is about facing my fears and exploring the cave of the unknown then all I have to say to this is…Surf’s Up!






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