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The British Are Coming!

Sometimes you just have those weekends where you think to yourself “Where did the time go?” For me, this past weekend was just that. Not a moments rest and boy did I cram a lot into one weekend. Let’s begin shall we?

I will start with this past Thursday since that does need to get some mention. I had a date with this guy I met on OKCupid. He is a teacher on the Lower East Side and I honestly had zero expectations with this one. Not because of any preconceived judgment but it is a first date and we tend to know how they usually end up. We met at Lela Bar over on Hudson Street. I have written about this place before, but it really is the best little wine bar and a great first date spot.  I arrived and he is already there waiting for me. I took a deep breath and introduce myself and his opening line to me was, “Hi. I just want you to know that I am really awkward around other people.” The minute those words left his mouth, I knew this was going to a rough one. So, I ordered the wine for the both of us and there began the painful conversation. He never asked a question about myself and every time I asked him a question about himself, he would answer the question than smile and say nothing in return. He was not joking about being awkward. This went on for forty minutes. Once we were done with our second glass of wine he said, “Wow, it feels like we have chatting forever. What time is it?” I told him it was 9:40 and the funny part is that we only met at 9. I told him that I needed to be on my way and so we paid the bill and as we walked onto Hudson Street he told me it was great meeting and I told him to get home safely. He than smiled and starred at me, I couldn’t handle another minute of the awkwardness and so I turned and walked away.  Got home and pretended that never happened.

Friday night was spent with an old friend who came into town from Minnesota. She was dying to try Buddakan and so there we were. I had been there before but it is always nice to see a friend’s reaction to a great restaurant that has such delicious food. Since it was pouring down rain that night and we were all still dying to go out and drink, we hailed a gypsy cab and had the driver take us to Tribeca where we entered, The Bubble Lounge. At this point of the night we were rather drunk and had moments of those heart to hearts where you just say how much you love and miss each other. Another night down and at least it was done before 4am.

Saturday…so much to do in so little time but I did manage to get the laundry and gym time done all before brunch.  The weather on Saturday was one of those days where in New York City it reaches 60 degrees in March and it is just a tease for the summer that is to come. There was not a cloud in the sky and you can tell everyone was walking the sidewalks with a bit of a bounce to their step. A few of us decided to have a brunch for a friend of ours birthday at, Empellon Tacqueria, in the West Village. It was 1pm and it started the first of many cocktails I would be consuming that day/night. The food was excellent and the service was top notch, will definitely be dragging my ass there again. Once we wrapped up brunch we all walked up Sixth Avenue to attend another friend of ours birthday at, Boxers. It was our usual crew and there the beers were now being consumed at a rapid pace. After that party, we all decided to head to my friends apartment, who’s birthday we just celebrated at brunch, to prep and get ready to go out for a major night out on the town. Outfit options, dancing and of course, more drinking was what was happening at my friends apartment. I had to than switch courses and leave my friends and head over to the Soho Trump Hotel, to pick up my girlfriends who were visiting from out of town. After a bottle of champagne and some laughter later we were all off for dancing at, Le Poisson Rouge, over on Bleecker Street. I was nervous that the dancing was going to be a big bust for there was nobody there but no more than a few minutes the music just kicked in and the crowd was great. It was a 90’s pop/hip-hop theme and we were tearing up the dance floor. This is where things for me got fuzzy.

I do remember leaving and walking a bit before arriving at some bar on the Lower East Side. Somehow along the way, we lost our friends and it was just myself and my girlfriend having a beer and not even finishing it; it dawned on me that I had been drinking for over 12 hours now and simply didn’t know my name anymore. I walked my girlfriend home to make sure she got home safely. Somehow in my drunken stupor I thought it would be a good idea to stop in at Urge. Once I was there I didn’t even order a drink, I couldn’t even consider the option of having another drink but while I was there I heard this guy talking about a blog about this guy’s dating life, etc. I interrupted him and asked him if he knew the name of the blog he was referring to and can you imagine, he was talking about this very blog. I introduced myself and told him I am the writer for this blog. Fade to black and by “fade to black” I mean, I blacked out after that.

Sunday morning woke up with just my tank top and underwear on and there was a dog that was begging to be taken out for a walk. I looked at my watch and it was 11am. Instantly the headache kicked-in and I was trying to recall the person lying next to me. It was the guy from the Urge bar and I thought we were on the Lower East Side still. Oddly enough we were cuddling and it felt actually…well…nice. His first words to me were, “We fit well together. Good morning.” I have to admit that I agreed with how well we fit in the cuddling position and I wasn’t itching to leave, I also wasn’t itching to leave for I still didn’t even know where the rest of my clothes were. He excused himself and went to walk the dog. As soon has he left, it occurred to me that I didn’t even know this guys name. And so while he went to walk the dog, I took that opportunity to find any sort of paperwork or bills that would have his name on it. Bingo! Found it. No sooner that I figured out his name that I heard the doorknob begin to turn; I sprinted across the apartment and jumped back into bed and acted like I had fallen back asleep. He came right back into bed and we got right back to cuddling and this is where he helped put the pieces back together.

My first question was “Where the hell am I? What part of the East Village are we in?” He than looked shocked and said; “We are not in the East Village we are on 24th and Lexington.” I felt like a jackass that I was so drunk I didn’t even know where the hell I was. He also said “You are also welcome by the way.” I didn’t even know what I needed to be thankful for. He told me that after we left the bar and tried to hail a cab that I ran out into traffic and almost got hit by a car and he had got in front of the moving car and stopped it before it hit me. It was at this moment that I took the covers and put them over my head because I was fully embarrassed now. It was there that I wanted to get to know this guy. He is a reporter (for what I don’t know); he is British, 45 years old and is very kind and not a bad kisser either! We talked a bit more and than his dog (that he shares jointly with his ex) wanted to be taken out for another walk.  It was there that he said to me “Come on you lush. Get your clothes on and let’s get some coffee and walk the dog.”

Found my clothes, splashed some cold water on my face and it was there that all my actions from last night and this morning kicked in and I went into full neurotic mode. I told him that I usually don’t do these things and end up in stranger’s bed, falls into the middle of traffic, etc.  He told me to relax and that it was fun and I had a wonderful smile. There began my love of walking dogs. We walked to Madison Square Park with his non-fat latte and my soy mocha. I didn’t even know there is certain dog park etiquette but apparently there is, especially if you are going to use the section of the park where only dogs are allowed to roam freely. I accidentally left the gate open and thankfully no dogs ran out but I did get a few nasty stares from other dog owners. As we sat there watching his dog play fetch, it was really sweet. It had been far too long that I sat down on a park bench and talked with a guy and not waiting for the other shoe to drop. He asked me “Is this part where we exchange contact information?” And I said, “Tell you what. I will give my information. I will not take yours. And what you do with my information is entirely up to you.” He admired how forward I was with my response and took my email and cell phone number. It was there that I should make my exit for after the contact exchange it is best to leave them wanting more.

We walked outside the park and he got me to the subway and kissed me saying that I was a nice surprise to his Saturday night/Sunday morning. Even with my bed head, morning breathe and last night’s clothes on; I felt alive. Happy. And dare I even use the word…giddy. What this British chap will do next is totally left up to the Dating Gods but I sure as hell had a good time being in his company.


  1. Courtney

    The accents will get you 😉

  2. Tina Johnson

    that was a great adventure!

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