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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Range Rover, Range Rover, Send Alex On Over

Last week I wrote about expectations. How by possibly lowering what I am expecting from myself and others that the chance of becoming disappointed by the end results can change my entire outlook on life. Turns out this new way of thinking hasn’t helped entirely. I also mentioned in last week’s entry that I took …

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Great Expectations

As I was sitting at a Five Guys burger joint on 34th street waiting to see the movie, The Vow, with a friend. I began to tell him of the experience I had two weeks ago with the married man. Every other person I told this story too gave me the look of horror or …

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Four Queens and a Funeral Director?

After last week’s fiasco at Starbucks with the married man I decided that I would not focus on dating and channel all my energy on my work and my body. Having stepped up my workout regime in an effort to not only feel good but also look good for this week’s fundraiser. I have been …

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It’s A Mad Mad Men World

A couple of Friday’s ago a few of us were invited to a friend of mine’s apartment for a nice seafood dinner. As the winter months begin to settle in New York we tend to find ourselves enjoying more dinner parties and game nights in someone’s home rather than bar hopping or checking out what …

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