"Update" NYC

Can You Hear Me Now?

Sundays…for many are spent getting their groceries for the week ahead, spending all day with the Sunday Times, and getting together with friends for that boozy brunch that most times leads to getting into trouble and starting your Monday off with a nasty hangover.

This past Sunday was my day for nursing my own painful hangover that was caused by doing too many tequila shots. This weekend’s festivities were a cause for celebration for it was my friend Tim’s birthday. Tim’s boyfriend had also flown into town from San Francisco so it was an extra special cause for celebrating Tim’s birth.

Saturday here in New York was our first snowstorm of the year. Personally I am not a fan of snow but it is always nice to wake up to the snow falling on your window seal and knowing that when I walk down to my corner deli to get my coffee that it would be nothing but white noise.  As the day progressed filled with running errands and meeting a friend for a cup of coffee to catch up, it hit me that this city doesn’t stop even when it snows and it is freezing cold. Gotta love a city that doesn’t slow down even for Mother Nature.

I was texting back and forth all day on Saturday with Ethan, the guy I have had two dates with. There was hints from him that he wanted to see me that night and seeing that I had my birthday plans already set I hesitated with the notion of inviting him out to meet my friends and I after our birthday dinner. I put the idea on hold for we all know that “meeting the friends” is sometimes even more pressure than “meeting the family.” And in my case, the meeting of the friends is very huge event, for they are the ones I see and talk to the most and are generally a good case of helping in deciding if this is a good match or not.  So, I decided I would shelve the idea and just hope that maybe Ethan would suggest we meet for a few drinks before the birthday dinner.

The birthday dinner was a hit. Twelve of us at the Mexican restaurant, Mole on Jane Street and the place was packed. It was so packed that two us decided to just sit at right at the bar. Not a problem for me seeing that I never had to wait for a drink or a bowl of chips & salsa.  As the first margarita went down the hatch, it was if an old friend had been gone for so long and when you are finally reunited, it was if no time had passed at all. And so began the first of many margaritas, followed by the smart idea of doing tequila shots with the charming and attentive bartender. I was just tipsy enough that the topic of Ethan came up and I told my friend that we were texting earlier in the day about him coming out later. This is where I should have put the phone away but I didn’t…I sent the text inviting him to come out and meet my friends and I at the next bar we would be going to after dinner. I knew better than to send this message but I do blame that sneaking Patron shot for fuzzing up my thought process.

Based on the time lapse from his response back to me it occurred to me that I might have frightened him. So when I received the message and hour later from him telling me that he is staying in for the night and to have a great time with my friends. I translated that message into me scaring him off. I decided to put the phone away and focus on the friends that I was with and the tequila shots that were chased by Bud Lights.  As the night got even more blurred we all thought it would be a great idea to get a cab and head over to Bartini. Once inside the cab, that is where I drew a blank on the rest of the night. One thing I do know is that it was 4am when I got home and the rest faded to black.

Waking up and finding one shoe clear across the room and clothes spread everywhere; it is the kind of morning that everyone has experienced at least once in their life. It is not a pleasant one, especially when your head is pounding, you have discovered that there is no Advil in the house and it feels like miles away from the kitchen where that glass of water that your body is craving is located.

As the text messages started to filter in from people from the night before asking, “what happened last night,” “what time did we leave” or the ever so popular “we are getting too old for this.” It occurred to me that maybe I didn’t go too far with inviting Ethan out to meet my friends. I mean, he did suggest us meeting up, he also said he wanted to see me and we have been pretty descent with our communication thus far. And luckily by midafternoon, after that nap that was much needed, I got the text from Ethan saying he is sick and very sorry he couldn’t make it out last night. He leaves for L.A. again this week so not sure if we will be even able to see each based on our schedules but I am relieved that I didn’t scare him away.

With the hangover slowly subsiding and my train of thoughts coming together; I noticed on the TV the commercials promoting all these ways of communicating with each other faster in order to help our lives become more efficient; it actually has become more difficult nowadays to actually get in touch with a live human being. As I sat working on my laptop; I took a look around and saw all my communicating devices. I have the cellphone, email, text message, Facebook messaging and as technology continues to increase in speed, I couldn’t help but think back and remember how fun and simple it was to come home and see a blinking light on your answering machine with a message from that special someone.


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