"Update" NYC


“What’s your name?” he asks her as they drive in the car and she replies with, “What do you want it to be?” And that is one of the many famous quotes from my ultimate favorite movie, Pretty Woman.

You see, last Friday night I was to meet up with this guy named, Charles. Charles lives in L.A. and works at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, another Pretty Woman reference since that is where Richard Gere was staying in the movie. Charles always comes to Manhattan the first week of January and like clockwork, he contacted me to say that he was visiting and that it would be great to see me, for he is staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. Usually our past trips consisted of catching each other up over the past years events over wine and ended with some sort of rendezvous.

When he contacted me this time around, he said he had an extra special treat for me. The treat was that him and I were going to be partaking in the Four Seasons spa services…you know the services that consist of the jacuzzi, the steam room, massages, the whole packaged deal. All week long leading up to that Friday, I was looking forward to enjoying the spa services mainly because anyone that knows me, knows what a freak I am for these kinds of luxuries.

Finally, it was Friday. Charles confirmed that I was to meet him at 8pm on the dot for the spa would be closing at 9pm that night. I rushed home to get all dolled up and strutted over to the Four Seasons Hotel on 57th street.

I arrive and it was as if no time at all had passed. We greeted each other hello, like most of these events; it is never quite as you imagined them to be. You see, Mr. Charles, decided to tell me as I sat down on the bed that there would be a “slight” change of plans. Whenever, anyone mentions that there is a “slight” change of plans that is usually a good sign that these changes will not be in your favor. True to form, they were not in my favor. He proceeded to tell me that he double booked our meeting and that another guy will be joining us in the spa services and he apologized profusely for the mishap.

Seeing that I was somewhat of a free loader in this scenario, I knew I had to accept the change in plans graciously and tell him that it was not a problem. We all know I really just wanted partake in the spa services and that afterwards we could kick out the third wheel and get back to our regular scheduled program.

As the door knocked to announce the third person, I imagined that it was going to be someone attractive and that we would all hit it off. It turned out there were no such luck on my part. The man that arrived was short, balding and hairy in all the wrong places. I quickly took a big gulp of the complimentary wine that was given to me and I suggested we all get to the spa before it closes.

As we made our way down to the spa I decided to make the most of the situation. Here I am, on a Friday night in New York City at the Four Seasons Hotel about to embark on some spa time. So I tried to get to know the new guy but turns out it really wasn’t worth my efforts for he was mainly focused on Charles and I was merely a guest star in this movie.

So began the steam room portion of the evening where I sat in silence while they began to talk about the holidays, the weather and current job status. No one paid attention to me and finally I just accepted it and whenever someone would be kind enough to ask me a question, I would answer back politely.

In the jacuzzi it was just the three of us and it got very awkward and uncomfortable rather quickly; at least for me anyhow. Because I got in my bathing suit and they are both 100% naked. So now there are two people that are naked and talking about how bummed they are that they missed Hugh Jackman’s latest Broadway effort and me, and I really don’t know much about Broadway and I am trying my best not to get near any exposed body parts.

Once spa portion of the evening was all done it was time to shower and get back to the hotel room. In the room it was there that I was going to give one last effort to try and get this third wheel the old kick in the pants to leave so that Charles and I could have some quality time together. No sooner that I had this idea in my head to try and seduce him that Charles told me that there is two options for the evening. One option was to go downstairs and grab a sandwich and the second option was to have a threesome with him and this third wheel. Neither of the options was appealing to me and finally I put the gloves down and accepted my defeat.

I told Charles thank you for the spa time and the “offer” for the sandwich but I should get going for I had a rather busy weekend ahead. As I left I knew what was going to happen, they were either going to have sex and than grab a sandwich or grab the sandwich and have sex. Either way, I was glad that I made the right choice to go home.

On my walk back home it dawned on me that it would be my last time seeing Charles in his yearly visits. And that was ok; it was ok for me because I have outgrown that type of visit. I wanted and deserved more.

Once I got home, I turned on the laptop and poured a glass of wine. I was tempted to meet my friends out but knew it would be best to just stay home, do some writing and maybe a little research on the next date.

Turns out, there was a date waiting for me. I responded to an ad that was looking to date a nice guy. Usually with those types of ads you may or may not get a response back. But wouldn’t you know…the guy responded to my email rather quickly. As we exchanged the emails back and forth I was even hesitant to accept his offer to actually meet. Mainly because he came across as rather short and curt with his responses and I wasn’t sure with regards to his tone if he wanted to really meet me or not.  I told him that I was busy all weekend with my friend’s birthday party events and that Sunday evening would be best. He told me to touch base with him over the weekend but that Sunday seems to work  with his schedule.

Sunday arrived, and a group of us went to the East Village for the famous Fried Chicken Brunch at Momofuku. As with most of our Sunday brunches, half the table is hung over from the night before and the other half is starving. As we all sat down, I began to tell the crew that I would be going on a date after brunch. They all asked the questions that anyone asks and that consists of, “what does he look like”, “how old is he”, “how did you meet”, etc., etc. As brunch began to wind down, it occurred to me that I was kind of nervous about meeting him. I was nervous mainly because it was a blind date, and while I was no stranger to the blind date, just wasn’t sure if this guy was going to like me or if I was going to like him.

I suggested we go to my favorite date spot, Lela Bar; it is just the perfect wine bar. The seating is great, the prices are reasonable and the lighting is just right. I arrived on time and he showed a few minutes behind me. As he shook my hand and began to not make eye contact with me whatsoever but rather looked straight ahead. My initial thought was that this date was going to last for one glass of wine and I was going to be home calling my mother to tell her the date was a dud.

Much to my surprise by the second glass of wine, he began to unwind a bit. His name is Ethan. He just moved to New York, he is 33, tall and handsome. By the second glass of wine he confessed that he was actually nervous, which would explain the lack of eye contact and that he walked past the bar when I was already sitting down to make sure I looked like my photo.

He works with celebrities; to what capacity I really am not sure. As the date continued and the wine was continuing to flow, I found myself having a great time and that Ethan was more than willing to answer all the questions I had for him. He told me that he doesn’t have that much experience with dating men, in fact, I am on the few dates he has actually been on. Once I found that out, I knew I had to dial it down a bit with the questions for fear of scaring him since I have been dating for only a million years now.

By the end of the night, I rather enjoyed myself and he confessed that he did too. In fact, he did the wonderful move of suggesting we meet again the following week for lunch before he leaves for L.A. to work with the Golden Globes. As we walked outside the wine bar, to which he even held the door open for me, right on the street of Hudson and Leroy, Mr. Ethan kissed me passionately good night. It was a good night kiss that I haven’t had in quite some time and it is a good thing it was so cold outside that night for I assume we would probably still be there kissing on the sidewalk. We said goodbye with promises of contacting each other to follow up for lunch later that week.

By the time the following Tuesday had rolled around, we had done the friendly text message exchange and both of us were just far too busy with work to even break for lunch. I suggested that we meet that Tuesday night instead since I would be in Union Square that night for another meeting. He agreed and like a true gentleman, he followed up when he said he would. He sent me a message to meet him at the Gansevoort Hotel at 8:45 but at the last minute changed it to Dos Caminos in the Meat Packing District. I hurried my ass over there because we both didn’t have that much time to hang out for we both had busy work days the next day.

As we updated each other about our days, I was mainly focused on figuring out who this guy really is. I still do not know what exactly he does with these high profiled celebrities, but I do know it is quite the V.I.P. status. He warned me that this award season will be very busy for him and that he will be leaving that Thursday for L.A. but did manage to confess that not only has he been having a great time spending with me but that he also enjoyed reading this blog. Two major points right there!

On the street as we both walked to the subway to say goodnight, it occurred to me that I am intrigued by the guy. The people that first move to New York City always fascinate me as they begin their journey here. Sure, there are red flags with getting involved with someone that just moved here, just getting acquainted with the city life and the gay life for that matter but Ethan seems like a man that has it together, for the most part. So as the week begins, I can’t help but wonder…will I end up on the red carpet with Mr. V.I.P. or will I be left on the other side of the velvet rope?




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