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Monthly Archives: January, 2012


Have you ever had one of those amazing Sunday’s in New York City where you never wanted it to end? That day where you actually wake up at a descent hour, you are not hung over and trying to remember the previous nights events and you actually get things accomplished? I had the luxury of …

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Sundays…for many are spent getting their groceries for the week ahead, spending all day with the Sunday Times, and getting together with friends for that boozy brunch that most times leads to getting into trouble and starting your Monday off with a nasty hangover. This past Sunday was my day for nursing my own painful …

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“What’s your name?” he asks her as they drive in the car and she replies with, “What do you want it to be?” And that is one of the many famous quotes from my ultimate favorite movie, Pretty Woman. You see, last Friday night I was to meet up with this guy named, Charles. Charles …

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The Second Lap

So, here it is…a brand new year and we are kicking things off with a major bang. After being absent for a few weeks from the dating world due to spending time with friends and family for the holidays it was time to get back to work and start this new year with new adventures, …

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